Accessibility Summit 2008
 April 4 & 5
 Tyson's Corner, Virginia


Audio CDs - $7.00

Individual CDs - General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 General Session 1: How Dreams Really Do Come True by Coach Jim Johnson
102 General Session 2: Living Life Without Limits by Judy Siegle
Session 1
FC1 Promoting Positive Social Behaviors in Children with Special Needs by Beverly Mattson, Ph.D.
CH1 Disability Ministry 101 by Jim Pierson, Ph.D.
CO1 Epilepsy in Neurodevelopmental Disorders by Sarah Spence, M.D., Ph.D.
FC2 The Special Family: Issues and Challenges by Tim Sweeney, LCSW
CH2 Including the Child with Aggressive Behavior by Stephen Grcevish and Katie Wetherbee
CO2 The Road to Respite by Heather Coleman and Jackie Mills-Fernald
Session 2
FC3 Special Diet for Kids by Kelly Dorfman
CH3 Disability Ministry Goes Beyond Sunday Mornings by Connie Hutchinson
CO3 Learning through Music in the School and Church by Arlyn Kantz and Erica Flynn
FC4 Creating the FutureCare Plan for a Family Member with Special Needs by Theodore J. Doremus
CH4 Equipping Passionate Volunteers for Disability Ministry by Nancy Biedry, P.T., MS
CO4 Understanding Depression and Its Treatment by Wayne Drevets, M.D.
FC5 How to Be Your Child's Best Advocate by Larrie Ellen Randall
CH5 Building a Strong and Lasting Deaf Ministry by Mike Royer
CO5 What is Bioethics? What on Earth Does It Have to Do with Me? by Kathy McReynolds, Ph.D.
Session 3
FC6 When We All Don't Live "Happily Ever After" by David Glover
CH6 Mentoring Adults with Disabilities in Faith by Jim Pierson, Ph.D., and Jackie Mills-Fernald
CO6 Co-Executive Directors - A Year in Our Shoes by Nancy Mercer and Jill Egle
FC7 Keeping Your Child's Emotional Tank Full by Nina Fuller
CH7 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder by Tony and Diana Rock
CO7 Safety for Children with Autism and Other Cognitive Disabilities by Scott A. Campbell
Session 4
FC8 Effective Parent Involvement in Transition by Cathy Healy
CH8 Mainstreaming by Default by Carlton McDaniel
CO8 One Idea Can Make a Difference! by Donna Goldbranson
FC9 Transitioning on Purpose: The Sheperd's College Model by Russ Kinkade, Psy.D.
CH9 That All May Worship: Why a Ramp is Not Enough by Ginny Thornburgh
CO9 Classroom Accommodations for Children with Special Needs by Amy Coleman
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each