Accessibility Summit 2010
 April 23 & 24
 Vienna, Virginia


Audio CDs - $7.00
Complete Conference Set - $189.00

Individual CDs - General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Opening Address: Back on My Feet Again by Renee' Bondi
102 Keynote Address: Gifted Hands by Dr. Benjamin Carson N/A
103 Access Unplugged (Pre-Conference) with Panel
Session 1 - Friday Evening 8:30pm
1-1 Practical Strategies for Living in a Polluted World by Kelly Dorfman
1-2 Safety Concerns for Children with Autism or Cognitive Disabilities by Scott Campbell
1-3 Impact of Children with Special Needs on the Family by Michael Kronen, M.D.
1-4 Building a Strong and Lasting Deaf Ministry by Michael Royer
1-5 Assisting Adults with Disabilities Grow Spiritually by Jim Pierson, Ph.D.
1-6 Recruiting, Training, and Keeping Volunteers for Disability Ministry by Amy Kendall
1-7 Repetitive Behaviors and Fixated Interests: "Just" Autism? Or Something More by Susan E. Swedo, M.D.
1-8 Inside the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities by Laverdia Taylor Ranch
Session 2 - Saturday 10:30am
2-1 Special Education Law: What Families Need to Know by Bill Brownley
2-2 Eating and Feeding Issues for Children with Special Needs by Anil Darbari, M.D.
2-3 Sexuality Education for Young People with Special Needs by R. Kay Tolle
2-4 Peace in the Fast Lane by Renee' Bondi
2-5 Up, Up and Away...Soaring to New Heights by Jennifer Ross & Ann Joyner
2-6 Launching a Special Needs Ministry by Julie Keith, D.Min.
2-7 Managing Impulsive and Aggressive Behaviors by Tom Giroux, Ph.D.
2-8 Community Based Services - Perspectives of Self-Advocates by Donna Goldbranson
2-9 Insiders View of the Employment Game by Katherine McCary
Session 3 - Saturday at 12pm
3-1 Public Benefits...Managing the Maze by Edward Zetlin
3-2 Preparing Your Middle 'Schooler' for High School by Cathy Healy
3-3 Creating a Sensory-Rich Home Environment by Christi Harmon
3-4 Inclusion Ministry with an Outward Focus by Harmony Hensley
3-5 Extreme Behaviors - Keeping Everyone Safe by Connie Hutchinson
3-6 Debunking the Myths about Disability Ministry by Jim Pierson, Ph.D. & Jackie Mills-Fernald
3-7 Movie Talk: Five Ways Parents Can Use Disney Movies to Help Their Children Talk by Mark Smith
3-8 See the Possibilities and Seize the Day! by Suzanne Noble N/A
3-9 Building Communication Through Voice Output Devices by Angie Kiger & Becky Pala
Session 4 - Saturday at 2:15pm
4-1 How to Be Your Child's Best Advocate by Larrie Ellen Randall
4-2 The Science and Solutions for Learning Disabilities by Elizabeth Yates
4-3 Planning the Financial Future for Your Child with Special Needs by Sara Krulwich
4-4 Supporting the Family Through the Diagnosis by Amy Fenton Lee
4-5 The Impact of Common Mental Disorders on Spiritual Development by Stephen Grcevich, M.D.
4-6 Praise in Action by Dawn Clark
4-7 More Than Speech: Enhancing Communication With Nonverbal Individuals by Janet Swartzfager
4-8 A National Perspective on Legislative Policy by Nancy Mercer
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each