2011 Accessibility Summit
 April 1 & 2
 Vienna, Virginia


Audio CDs - $7.00
DVDs - $15.00
Two CD Sets - $12.00
Complete Conference Set - $199.00

General Sessions (Available on DVD and Audio CD)
# Title and Speaker DVD CD
101 Opening Presentation by Jon Sheptock
102 Keynote Address: Overcoming the Challenges of Disability by Dr. Temple Grandin
2-9 Autism and My Sensory-Based World by Dr. Temple Grandin (from Saturday Workshops at 10:45am)
Session 1 - Friday Evening 8:15pm (Available on Audio CD)
1-1 Including Dad - An Important Link for Children with Special Needs by W.C. Hoecke
1-2 The Special Marriage by Tim Sweeney, LCSW
1-3 Listening for Wellness by Laurie Chuba
1-4 Increasing Independence for People with Special Needs by Larrie Ellen Randall
1-5 Keeping Disability Ministry Safe by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-6 Revolutionizing Respite: A Relational Approach by Rebecca Hamilton & Libby Peterson
1-8 Bridging the Gap in Disability Ministry by Amy Kendall
1-9 Easy Targets: Bullying and Students with Disabilities by Dr. Vicky Spencer
1-10 Managing and Treating Extreme Behaviors by Dr. Michael Kronen
1-12 Telecommunications Developments for the Visually and Hearing Impaired by Mike Starling
Session 2 - Saturday 10:45am (Available on Audio CD)
2-1 Sexuality Education for Young Adults with Special Needs by Sherrie Vavrichek and Kay Tolle
2-2 Choosing and Prioritizing Therapies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Patricia Lemer
2-3 Eating and Feeding Issues for Children with Special Needs by Dr. Anil Darbari
2-4 Turning Life's Challenges into God's Victories by Jon Sheptock
2-5 Reconciling Dreams, Banishing Guilt and Overcoming Grief by Jolene Philo
2-6 Ready, Set, GO - Launching a Disability Ministry by Jackie Mills-Fernald
2-8 The Crisis in Disability Housing by JaLynn Prince
2-9 Autism and My Sensory-Based World by Dr. Temple Grandin

(See Above)

Session 3 - Saturday at 1:30pm (Available on Audio CD)
3-1 Getting the Right Special Education for Your Child by Bill and Vanessa Brownley
3-2 Sibling Perspectives - Life as Part of a Special Family by W.C. Hoecke
3-3 Taking Care of Business - Legally and Financially by M. Toobin/S. Abrams/M. Carney
3-4 Communicating Without Opening Your Mouth by Barbara Newman
3-5 Fully Integrating People of All Abilities in the Church by Connie Hutchinson
3-6 Inclusion Outreach: Reaching OUT to Bring Them IN by Harmony Hensley
3-7 Assistive Technology: Advocating Present and Future by Mark Smith
3-8 Facilitation Social Connections for Young Adults with Disabilities by Donna Goldbranson
3-9 Autism: A Comprehensive Overview by Dr. Michael Oberschneider
Pre / Post Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged with Moderator Jackie Mills-Fernald
P-2 Built to Last - Sustaining a Disability Ministry with Moderator Connie Hutchinson (Two CD Set for $12.00)
P-3 Walk in My Shoes with Moderator Donna Goldbranson
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each