2015 Accessibility Summit
 April 17 & 18
 Washington, D.C.

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General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD MP3
101 Discovering What Matters Most by Tim Shriver
102 Open the Eyes of My Heart by Christopher Duffley
Workshops 1 - Friday Evening 7:45 PM CD MP3
1-1 From Chaos to Calm: Structuring for Success in the Home and Classroom by Sharon Weiss
1-2 Helping Toddlers and Preschoolers with Autism Engage & Communicate by Dr. Moshe Shtuhl & Josh Metz
1-4 Home Sweet Home: Three Steps to Independent Living by James Campbell & Kimberly McDonald & Rob Ricci
1-5 Moving from Conviction to Action: Starting a Disability Ministry by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-6 Volunteers: The Backbone of our Ministry by Amy Kendall
1-7 Transforming Brokenness into Beauty by Warren Pfohl & Marie Kuck & Matt Mooney
1-8 PTSD: The Effects of Early Medical Trauma on Children with Special Needs by Jolene Philo
1-9 Core Muscles for Learning: Are They Strong or Weak? by Darwyn Bartsch
1-10 Meaningful Inclusion through Peer Education by Denise Schamens
Workshops 2 - Saturday at 9:30 AM CD MP3
2-1 Homeschooling Children with Special Needs by Kathy Kuhl
2-2 Managing and Monitoring the Use of Medications Related to Behavior Change by Dr. Carol Schall
2-3 Transition: Envisioning the Future of Your Child by Tina Campanella
2-4 Dealing With Disability as a Dad by Joe Butler
2-5 Autism and Your Church by Barbara Newman N/A N/A
2-6 Ministering to Families Affected by Disability by Sib Nafziger Charles
2-7 From Coping to Thriving: Strategies for Providing Parent Support Groups by Rev. Dr. Lorna Bradley
2-8 The Out-of-Sync Student: Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Disorder by Carol Kranowitz
2-9 Down Syndrome from a Health & Public Policy Perspective by Dr. Karen Summar
2-10 Talk to Me: Effective Communication with Nonverbal Individuals by Barbara Tresness
2-11 Finding Balance in a World of Technology by Dr. Phyllis Genareo & Dr. Samantha Fecich & Hannah Brown
Workshops 3 - Saturday at 11:15 AM CD MP3
3-1 Survival Skills for Mothers on the Journey by Emily Colson
3-2 Taking Care of Business - Legally and Financially by Jerry Hulick & Michael Toobin
3-3 Inclusive Higher Education: The Future for Students with Intellectual Disabilities by Meg Grigal
3-4 Strategies for Surviving the School System by Neil McNerney & Sharon Fuentes
3-5 The Power of Prayer by David Glover
3-6 Radical Welcome: Breaking Down Barriers in Sunday Worship by Reverend Leslie Neugent
3-7 Global Disability Ministry: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands by Matt Mooney & Brian Funk & Jackie Mills-Fernald
3-8 Beyond Children's Ministry: Serving Teenagers in Your Church by Crystal Ray & Kelly Anderson
3-9 How Do We Get There? A Roadmap to Target Flexibility by Dr. Jane Barbin & Monica Werner
3-10 Why Do They Do That?!? A Behind the Scenes Look at ADHD by Dr. Karin Varblow
3-11 Equal Access to Education through Universal Design Learning by Jimmie Smith
Workshops 4 - Saturday at 1:45 PM CD MP3
4-1 Changing Roles: Letting Go of Your Adult Child with Special Needs by Dr. Russ Kinkade
4-2 Practical Tips to Landing that First Job by Dr. Joni Johnson & Dr. S. Roni Avery
4-3 The Sibling Experience: Being the Other Child by Ben Richards
4-4 Taking the Monster Out of Mealtimes by Kelly Benson-Vogt
4-5 Kingdom Partnerships: Impacting Your Community Through Disability Ministry by Ryan Wolfe
4-6 Including Adults of All Abilities into the Life of a Congregation by Laura Lee Wright
4-7 Disability Etiquette 101 by Harmony Hensley
4-8 The Sensory-Cognitive Foundation of Imagery by Nancy Gregerson
4-9 Social Skills: 6 Critical Developmental Points by Larrie Ellen Randall
4-10 Communication Strategies for Students and Young Adults with Autism by Kristen Stricks
Pre-Conference Workshops CD MP3
P-1 Access Unplugged by Jackie-Mills Fernald
P-2 Autism Across the Lifespan by Dr. Carol Schall & Emily Colson & Hannah Levine & Michelle Carney
P-3 Tips for Sunday School Curriculum by Barbara Newman & Amy Kendall & Vangie Rodenbeck
P-4 Advocacy: Critical Conversations with Collaborative Outcomes by Ann Hines & Barbara Tresness & Linda Starnes & Brandon Wolfe
Sets CD MP3
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD for $175 or mp3 for $115
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs or DVDs) for $3.00 each
Flash Drive and Shipping Charge for MP3 Purchases for $10.00
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