2016 Accessibility Summit
 April 15 &16
 Washington, D.C.

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General Sessions
# Title and Speaker mp3
101 My Story--My Song by Jon Sheptock
102 From Disability to Possibility by Dr. Patrick Schwarz N/A
Session 1 - Friday Evening 7:45pm
1-1 Choosing the Best Fit for Post-Secondary Education by Tracy Terrill
1-2 Homeschooling Children with Special Needs by Kuhl, Angel, Chuba & Lawler
1-3 Potty Training Made Simple by Carney, Moon & Stapler
1-4 Home Design and Technology for Living Independently by Matthew Barkley
1-5 Tips for Starting a Special Needs Ministry by Dr. Michelle Demaray & Jaimie Valentini
1-6 Beyond Children's Ministry - Programs for Teens & Young Adults by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-7 Families are Knocking-Will Your Church Open Its Doors? by Laura Lee Wright & Linda Starnes
1-8 Teaching Flexibility and Problem Solving by Monica Adler-Werner
1-9 The Power of Positive Reinforcement by Dr. Paul Livelli
1-10 Using Music Therapy to Reach a Child's Full Potential by Joshua Schrader
Session 2 - Saturday 9:30am
2-1 Turning Life's Challenges into God's Victories by Jon Sheptock
2-2 Tips for Strengthening Communication Between Home and School by Hines, Papageorge, Wolf & Dolson
2-3 Taking Care of Business for Your Special Needs Family by Friese, Phillips & Bogin
2-4 Finding Employment Opportunities and Preparing Young Adults for Work by Pickard, Graham, Merrick & King
2-5 Keeping Ministry Safe for Those with Special Needs by Jackie Mills-Fernald
2-6 How to Become a Master Chef of Special Needs Ministry by Jolene Philo & Katie Wetherbee
2-7 Buddy Ministry: Friendship, Discipleship & Support by Sib Nafziger Charles
2-8 Are You Serious God? The Theology of Disability Ministry by Ryan Wolfe
2-9 Planning for Life with Autism: Receiving a Diagnosis for a Young Child by Dr. Polly Panitz
2-10 Cutting Edge Affordable Technology by Joan Green
2-11 Effective Discipline for Children with Special Needs by Dr. James Crist
Session 3 - Saturday at 11:15am
3-1 The Facts about Medication Treatment for ADHD & Autism by Dr. Joni Johnson
3-2 What's Next? How to Get Started Making Future Plans by Robin Shaffert & Liz Mahar
3-3 Keeping Your Marriage Strong by Ginny & Matt Mooney N/A
3-4 Sexuality and People with Intellectual Disabilities by Dr. Russ Kinkade
3-5 Sensory Integration in the Church by Barbara Newman
3-6 Adapting Curriculum in 5 Easy Steps by Vangle Rodenbeck & Margie Redford
3-7 Practical Strategies for Growing and Invigorating Disability Ministry by Gina Spivey
3-10 Insights and Strategies to Build Self-Advocacy Skills for School and Life by Dr. Michele Ramsay & Ryan Therriault
Session 4 - Saturday 1:45pm
4-1 Tips for Managing Screen & Media Time in Positive Ways by Dr. Michael Oberschneider
4-2 Preparing Young Children with Special Needs for the Classroom by LaTanya Sothern
4-3 Normalizing Family Life by Ruth Stieff
4-4 Gaining, Training and Retaining Volunteers for Disability Ministry by Shannon Dingle
4-5 Offering Rest: Understanding the Power of Respite by Ben Richards
4-6 Embracing Life: Letting God Determine Your Destiny by Isabella Yosuico
4-7 Wearing 2 Hats: Parent and Ministry Professional by Amy Kendall
4-8 Enhancing Social Skills for Special Needs Students in Academic Settings by Dr. Chris Haley
4-9 Public Safety Considerations: Guidance for Families, Caregivers & Self-Advocates by Scott Campbell
4-10 Adaptive Fitness & Gross Motor Development by Ricardo Cunningham
Pre-Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged by Jackie Mills-Fernald
P-2 Caring for Families by Kendall, Charles, Philo & Glover
P-3 Communicating Without Words by Newman, Goldbranson, Rose & Wade
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