2017 Accessibility Summit
 March 24-26
 Washington, D.C.

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General Sessions
# Title and Speaker DVD CD
101 Friday Evening Opening by Joni Eareckson Tada
102 Saturday Morning Opening by Saundra Adams
Session 1 - Friday Evening 7:45pm
1-1 Routes to Collaboration and Resolution with IEPs by Gruber, Esq & VanCleef, Esq
1-2 Preparing for College by Janet Price
1-3 From Sorrow and Suffering: A Special Needs Ministry by John Wagner & Brad Mowry N/A
1-4 Get the 411 on Starting a Special Needs Ministry by Stephen "Doc" Hunsley, M.D.
1-5 Equipping People of All Abilities to Share the Gospel by Mona Furstenau & Ben Fisher
1-6 The Importance of Caregiver Compassion by Jackie Mills-Fernald
1-7 Outreach Events that Target Special Needs Families by Pastor Lee Peoples & Sandra Peoples
1-8 How Does Your Engine Run? Self-Regulation Using the Alert Program by Laurie Chuba
1-9 Teaching Social Skills to Promote Friendship & Play by Carney, Stapler, & Moon
1-10 Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities by Becky Tubergen
Session 2 - Saturday 9:30am
2-1 Challenging Behaviors: What They Mean and What to Do? by Dr. Joni Johnson
2-2 Supporting People with I/DD Toward Healthy Sexuality by Kinkade, Pollard & Konopasek
2-3 Protected Tomorrows: Eight Steps of Special Needs Parenting by Mary Anne Ehlert
2-4 To, For, With, By...A Philosophical Shift to Disability Ministry by Pastor Ryan Wolfe
2-5 Effective Teaching Techniques for Bible Study by Jill Miller
2-6 Buddy Ministry: Friendship, Discipleship, and Kingdom Building by Sib Nafziger Charles
2-7 Recruiting, Teaching, and Keeping Volunteers Excited about Serving by Kendall, Pannell, Hunsley & Butler
2-8 Obtaining Critical Answers via NeuroPsych Evaluations by Haley, Leczycki & Thaxter N/A
2-9 The Sensory-Language Connection: Teaching Children and Adults to Read and Comprehend by Nancy Gregerson
2-10 Growth Mindset and the Special Education Child: What's All the Chatter? Ann Hines & Kirk Dolan
Session 3 - Saturday at 11:15am
3-1 Where Will My Child Live? Housing Options for Adults with Special Needs by Desiree Kameke
3-2 Straight Talk and Tips for Coping with Stress by Jolene Philo N/A
3-3 Parenting Special Siblings by Lisa Jamieson, Alex & Erin Jamieson
3-4 Overlooked: Healthcare Transition from the Peds Office to Adult by Linda Starnes
3-5 Practical Strategies for Growth and Renewed Vision by Gina Spivey
3-6 Getting Your Senior Leadership on Board by Joe Butler
3-7 The Nuts and Botles of Starting a Respite Program by Neal, Sutherland, and Mooney
3-8 Say What? I Don't Have to Talk to Say Something by Dr. Stacey Collazo & Paul Dois N/A
3-9 The Facts about Sensory Processing N/A
3-10 The Prevalence and Impact of Trauma by Jackie Mills-Fernald
Session 4 - Saturday 1:45pm
4-1 Building Skills to Pay the Bills by Ellen Graham
4-2 Challenge and Opportunity - Developing Self-Advocates by Katie Smith
4-3 You Can't Teach a Swan to Quack by Angela Baker N/A
4-4 Strategies for Multi-Tasking Moms by Ginny Mooney
4-5 Building a Successful Adult Adaptive Ministry by Horton Townes
4-6 Naked, Vomiting and Afraid - A Typical Weekend Service by Amy Kendall
4-7 Reaching the Deaf for Christ by Dr. Gabriel Love
4-8 Changing Behavior - It's Not Magic! by Kendra McDonald & Christine Favreaux
4-9 Too Much Screen Time Makes Kids Lazy - Games Can Lead to Academic Success by Dr. Jayne Sullivan
4-10 Benefits of Animal Therapy by Michelle Robinson
Pre-Conference Workshops
P-1 Access Unplugged by Jackie Mills-Fernald
P-2 Hot Topics for Families by Johnson, Philo, Mooney, Starnes & Marsili
P-3 Hot Topics for Ministries by Charles, Pollard, Wolfe, Spivey, Curcio & Connor
Complete Conference Set on Audio CD for $149
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