Alternatives 2005
 October 27-30
 Phoenix, Arizona

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Institutes - $12.00 each
Three CD Institutes - $15.00 each

Individual CDs
Workshops 1 - Thursday 10:15am
# Title and Speaker CD
1 The Building of a Recovery Program in Mental Health by Williams & Mataraso
2 Fighting Forced Outpatient Treatment in New York by Rosenthal & Ashenden
3 A Japanese-American Consumer Exchange by Panel
4 A Dream Come True: A Model for Non-Pathological, Holistic Environment for Recovery by Alexander Bingham
5 Stigma and Discrimination: First Hand Experiences and Perspectives by Panel
6 Innovative Self-Directed and Peer-Provided Service Models in Oregon by Young, Duerscheidt & Shelton
7 Creative Recovery: Lights! Camera! Action! by Brown, Hoffman & Fisher
8 Servant Leadership: A Model for Managing New Power by Melody Reifer
9 Recovery and Evidence-Based Practices by Broman, Staples & Bohanske
10 Expressive Movement and Rhythm: Celebrating Our Journey of Healing, Transformation and Discovery by Catherine Penney
Workshops 2 - Thursday 2:00pm
13 A Dialogue on Recovery: What Supports Recovery? by Panel
14 Stepping Stone Peer Support and Crisis Respite Center by Kimball & Struse
15 Peer Specialists - The Natural Support Experts by Ashenden & Bishop
16 Anger Management for Leading in Work and Group Situations by Edie Mannion
17 Mentoring: Partnering with Peers, Family Members, Clinical and State Mental Health Administrators by Kelly, Bashor, Staples & Cota
18 Making Recovery Work at Work: Quality Assurance for Recipient-Run Organizations by Deborah Max
19 The Ultimate Recovery Center by Panel
Workshops 3 - Thursday 3:45pm
21 Training Disaster Crisis Counseling Program by Anna Gray
22 Understanding Latino Needs by DeLeon, Baldizon & Vega
23 Housing Within Reach: Tools for Community Integration by Hix, Turley & Wilson
24 Heroes and Recovery by Panel
25 From the Inside to the Outside: Your Wellness, Your Recovery by David Payne
26 HALI Homes: Not Just Housing by Ellen M. Healion
27 Clear Path to Blue Sky by Valley Owen
Workshops 4 - Friday 10:15am
28 Establishing Peer Support Networks in the Community After Disaster Situations by Panel
29 Social Security Disability Work Incentives Benefits and Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries by Kent Earnhardt
30 Beyond Pathology: A Wholeness-Based Perspective by Debbie Whittle
31 Providing Trauma-Informed Peer Support by Muscari & Mead
32 International Perspectives on Recovery, Self-Help and Empowerment by Hansen, Yamamoto & Chamberlin
33 Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
34 "The NY State Consumer White Paper": Infusing Recovery-Based Principles in Mental Health Services by Bishop, Whitmore & Koerner
35 Wellness Centers: Peer Supporters in Action by Travers, Singson, Cate & Russaw
36 Communication Skills for Providing Sensitive, Recovery-Oriented Support to Peers by Bergeson & Mattson
38 What Would a Mental Health System Designed by Consumers Look Like? by Ewbank & Snow
Workshops 5 - Friday 2:00pm
39 Art Awakenings: Empowerment and Recovery Through Creativity by Ashely, Jackson, Tanner & Smith
40 Self-Care and Healing: Intending Wellness and Reclaiming Personal Power by Sharon Cadiz
41 How Consumers/Survivors are Helping to Reduce/Eliminate the Use of Seclusion...Part 1 by Bashor, Bluebird, LaCrosse & Trachtman
42 Building Our Own Evidence by Child, Green & Conway Reese
43 You Can Succeed in Higher Education and Self-Employment by Truong & Romprey
44 How the Legal System Can Help Create a Recovery Culture in Mental Health Systems by Jim Gottstein
47 "Housing First" - The Consumer Experience by Yates, Whiley, Riccio & Moore
Workshops 6 - Friday 3:45pm
49 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Consumers: Sexual Minority Mental Health Issues by Coffman & Bottomley
50 Unblocking the Force that Empowers You, Your Group and Your Cause by McPhaden & Siefert
51 Emerging Best Practices in Mental Health Recovery by Hopkins, Townsend, Maxwell & Canfield
52 How Consumers/Survivors are Helping to Reduce/Eliminate the Use of Seclusion...Part II by Trachtman, Koons, Risser & Trammell
53 Sharing Hope, Recovery and Wellness with Consumers and Staff at State Psychiatric Hospitals by Swarbrick, Bernstein & Brice
54 Creating a Culture of Recovery in Mental Health Using Certified Peer Specialists by Linda Buckner
55 Peer Support and Recovery: What Helps, What Hinders - When and How? by Kopache, Oswald & Rist
56 Peer Services: Vocational, Volunteer, Treatment Bonanza by Daniel Huff
58 Walking the Walk: Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace by Joshua Koerner
Workshops 7 - Saturday 10:15am
59 Men and Trauma by Patrick Risser
60 The Role of Consciousness in Self-Directed Recovery by Ho & Kauwe
61 How to Change the Mental Health System Without Really Trying by Michael Hlebechuk
62 Achieving Recovery: Peer-Run Programs that Leave No One Behind by Joseph Rogers
63 West Virginia Leadership Academy by Lane & Pauley
64 Training the Trainer - Let's Examine Peer Specialist Training by Nelson & Rockitter
66 What's Pride Got to Do With It? The Intersections Between Mad Pride and Disability Pride by Krista Erickson
67 Education as a Means to Recovery by Salerno & Ashcraft
68 Native American Healing and Spirituality Through Cultural Traditions and Boogie by Delmar & Guevara
69 Strategies to Build Political Power by Andrew Imparato
70 The Pennsylvania Community Support Program by Glenn Koons
Workshops 8 - Saturday 2:00pm
71 Developing a Consumer Network in an Urban Environment by Belcher & Rider
72 Righteous Anger: Young, Drugged and Locked Up: Recovered to Tell the Story by Aubrey Ellen Shomo
73 Facing the False Looking Glass: The Recovery and Healing Road for Consumers by Washington, Bledsoe & Washington
74 Recovery-The Journey by Colleen Jasper
75 From Vision to Reality: A Roadmap to Systems Transformation by Dorlester & Johnson
76 Making Molehills Out of Mountains - Breaking Down Barriers in Rural Areas by Ison, Grater & Parker
77 Community Building: Solutions for Community Living by Christie & Wood
78 Kansas Consumers and Evidence-Based Practices by Parker, Cash & Budd
Workshops 9 - Saturday 3:45pm
80 Milestones to Recovery: A Successful Peer-to-Peer Program by Maureen Marrin
84 Implementing a Recovery-Oriented System of Care by Tom Kelly
85 If Your Mental Health Supports Make Sense, You Might Be in a Brokerage by David Romprey & Maxine Stone
Thursday Institutes - 2-3 CDs each
B Self-Direction as a Route to Recovery by Fudge, Fricks, Cook & Russell
C Peer Support: Road to Success by Panel
D Life Beyond Recovery--Programs and Services are Just Not Enough! by Amy Long
E Recovery: The Journey from Different Perspectives by Zinman, Fisher, Penney & Mills
Friday Institutes - 2-3 CDs each
J Survival Tools for Peer Support Programs in the Era of Evidence-Based Practices by Jean Campbell
K Essentials of Peer Empowerment by Panel
M Wellness and Healing in Maori Culture of New Zealand by Panel
N Peer-Run Crisis Alternatives by Mead & Long
O The Recovery Consortium: Statewide Organizing for Recovery by Panel
Saturday Institutes - 2-3 CDs each
P Beyond the Border: Using Curricula and Personal Experiences to Overcome Stigma and Recover by Kopache, Rist, Oswald & Daya
Q Dante's Cure: The Role of Therapy in Recovery by Penney & Dorman
Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each