Alternatives 2006
 October 25-29
 Portland, Oregon

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Institutes - $12.00 each
Three CD Institutes - $15.00 each

Individual CDs
Workshops 1
# Title and Speaker CD
1 Journeying Through Loss with Haiku Poetry by Bill Burns-Lynch N/A
2 Living with Wholeness by Debbie Whittle
3 The Fun Bunch: Recovery Through Fun by Panel
4 Cultural Outreach: Taking It to the Streets by George Badillo & Kent Earnhardt
5 How Consumer/Survivors are Working to Reduce and Eliminate the Use of Seclusion and Restraints by Panel
6 ECT Advocacy by Linda Andre N/A
7 Life Beyond Recovery: Programs and Services are Just Not Enough! by Amy Long N/A
8 Making Grass Grow: Recruitment Skills for Grass Roots Groups by Matthew Mattson
9 Language, Stigma, and Discrimination: The Role of the Media by Erin Yoxall & Rebecca McDonald N/A
Workshops 2
10 Peer Environmentalism: Transforming Clinical Language by R. Drake Ewbank & Elizabeth Snow
11 The Duality Circle: A Model for Regaining Personal/Family/Community Balance by Augusta Reimer N/A
12 Supported Education: A Choice or Luxury in Today's Mental Health System? by Can Truong & David Romprey
13 Acting Out: New Ways to Eliminate Seclusion and Restraint by Gayle Bluebird & Joyce Jorgenson
14 Valuing Our Diversities at Self-Help Centers by George Brice, Jr. & John Garafano, Jr.
15 Consumers and Survivors Around the World by Judi Chamberlin
16 Collaging Our Recovery by Mark Davis & Peter Byrd
17 Drumming for Healing by Panel
18 System Transformation in California: Hope and Struggle by Panel
Workshops 3
19 Understanding Barriers for Latinos in Recovery by Blanca de Leon, Eduardo Vega & Maria Zaldivar
20 From Relief to Recovery: Roles of Peers in Disaster Relief by Panel
21 Motivating Change within the Medical Model: Building Recovery and Peer-Support Services in Locked Facilities by Vega, McCauley & Rodolakis N/A
22 The Engagement Model: Healing Environments by Maggie Bennington-Davis and Tim Murphy
23 A State Hospital's Journey to Recovery by Laura Van Tosh
24 Individual Transformation: Spirituality and Recovery by Mariah Bishop
25 Disaster Preparation for People with Psychiatric Disabilities by Beckie Child
26 Teamwork and Collaboration: A Project for the Peer Specialist Certification Program in NM by Panel
27 Consumer Operated Programs and Evidence Based Practices: A CMHS Funded Implementation Resource Kit by Panel
28 Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
Workshops 4
29 Full Spectrum: A Professional/Consumer Run Progressive Mental Health Center by Alexander Bingham & Matthey Morrissey
31 Meditation: Dealing with Your Stuff by Ed Knight
32 Activating Advocacy Through a Consumer Newsletter by Gaines Lyons & Amanda Russell
33 I Need a New Song by George Nostrand
34 The Creation and Growth of a Resource Center: Lessons Learned by Howard Trachtman & Anne Whitman
35 Families in Recovery by Panel
36 Get Out of the House by Greg Dicharry, Freeman Willie Byers & CC Langston
37 The Wellbeing Scale: The Experiment of Funding Balanced Lives by R. Drake Ewbank & Elizabeth Snow
Workshops 5
38 Using Wrap to Enhance Supported Employment by Bill Burns-Lynch
39 From Stigma and Discrimination to Self-Determination: A Prescription for Systems Transformation by Panel
40 The Art of Group Harmony: Conflict Management for Mental Health Organizations by Ingrid Deetz & Matthew Mattson
41 Warmline Continuous Success Story by Joan Cluxton, Rose Vogt & Renee Laehr
42 Achieving Recovery: Peer-Run Programs that Leave No One Behind by Joseph Rogers
43 Choices in Recovery: Following Your Bliss by Judene Shelley & James Jack N/A
44 Recovery is Going to the Dogs by Lorin Trowbridge
45 Spirituality in the Journey of Recovery by Lynn Gurko & Patty Blum
46 Grazing Trails: Cross Collaboration of HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Health Systems by Mark Davis & Peter Byrd N/A
Workshops 6
47 Working Together: Peer and Professional Counselors by Panel
48 Intentional Recovery Planning: Creating Space for the Unique Journey by Linda Donovan
49 Peers and Parenting: Tips on Parenting and How to Navigate the System When Children and Peers are Involved by George Badillo
50 Working While Maintaining Social Security and Medicaid Benefits by Panel
51 The Recovery Consortium: Joining Together to Develop and Disseminate Information
52 Gay/Trans-Formation: The Trail to Safe Housing by Mark Davis N/A
53 Blogging as a Recovery Tool by Marty Raaymakers
54 Systemic Recovery: How to Change the Mental Health System Without Really Trying (Revisited) by Michael Hlebechuk
55 The Role of Mindfulness in Enhancing Personal Wellness by John Garafno & David Wrong
Workshops 7
56 7 Habits of Highly Effective Policy Advocates by David Sanders & Tammy Lemon
57 Chatline: A Consumer Telephone Support Service (Compassionate Help and Talk) by Kathy Buck, Dennis O'Neil & Leslie Leyva N/A
58 Building Trauma Informed Bridges Across Disability Groups by Oryx Cohen
59 Promoting a Recovery Environment in Peer Run Organizations by Rebecca Eichhorn & Nancy Snider N/A
60 Trauma, Misdiagnosis and Trauma-Informed Services by Elizabeth Snow, Beckie Child & Drake Ewbank N/A
Institutes - 2-3 CDs each
A The Culture of Grassroots Organizing: Transformation and Accountability by Panel
B The Ten Ps of Empowerment by Dan Fisher & Judi Chamberlin
C Using the Arts for Healing and Personal Transformation by Gayle Bluebird, Debbie Whittle & Judene Shelley N/A
D Trauma Champions Institute by Panel
E Provider as Intentional Community: Fostering Leadership in a Values-Based Organization by Ann Rider & Linda Simpson
F Veteran-Led Peer Support by Moe Armstrong, Roy Brown & Lisa Goodale
G Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Mental Health Consumers: Sexual Minority Issues by Panel
H Using Interactive Theater to Recognize and Counter Oppression by Cathy Clemens & Althea Davis
J Diversity and Recovery by Gilberto Romero, Francis Priester & Ramiro Guevara
K Claiming Your Space: Thresholds Peer Success Center and Life as an 'Embedded' Consumer-Run Enterprise by Panel
L Flaming Trails Beyond Transamerica and Brokeback Mountain by Mark Davis, Traci Jean Murry & Peter Byrd
M Men and Trauma by Pat Risser
N Building a Wellness Recovery Community Using the Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Sharon Kuehn & Mertice 'Gitane' Williams
O Healing Ourselves Through Social Dancing by Steve Pacewicz
P Universal Considerations for Professionals and Consumers Providing Serivces to the Mental Health Population (Two CDs)
Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each