Alternatives 2007
 October 10-14
 St. Louis, Missouri

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Institutes - $12.00 each
Three CD Institutes - $15.00 each

Individual CDs
Thursday Workshops - 10:30am
# Title and Speaker CD
1 Achieving Recovery: Peer-Run Programs that Leave No One Behind by Joseph Rogers
2 Using Pathways to Recovery in a Consumer-Run Organization by Cherie Bledsoe and Lori Davidson N/A
3 The Clients Have Spoken: Discrimination, Civil Delphine Brody
4 Brain Bondage-The Delay in Mental Illness Recovery by Angela Vickers
5 Oooops! They're Doing a Background Check by Pamela B. Trammell
6 Poverty, Money, and the Importance of Savings for Wellness and Recovery by Peggy Swarbrick
7 Natural Health and Healing-Wellness Tools by David Boothe N/A
8 Coming Off Medication: Safety, Control, and Choice by Will Hall
9 Vision of Hope: Peer-Based Strategies for Recovery by Panel
10 Knock, Knock, Who's There? A Consumer-Driven System by Ronda Ames and Rosie Carney N/A
Thursday Workshops - 2:00pm
11 Peer Services in a Managed Care Environment by Larry Belcher and Ann Rider
12 "Let Your Voice Be Heard": Mobilizing Voters in the Mental Health Community by Rachel Freund
13 The Healing Power of Sacred Circle Dance by Debbie Whittle
14 Life Coaching Self-Help Managers to Success and Satisfaction on the Job by Louis Blicharz and Debra Crowell
15 Getting Out Into the Adventure of Life by Judene Shelley, Can Truong and John Aldam
16 International Psychiatry: My Participation in the World Psychiatric Association Congress on Coercion by Judi Chamberlain N/A
17 By and For People in Recovery by Peggy Swarbrick and Jeanette Ellis
18 Seclusion and Restraints: Supporting Evidence, Best Practices and Tools for Advocacy by Panel N/A
Thursday Workshops - 3:45pm
19 You Want Me to Talk to Them? Building an Urban Advocacy Network by Ann Rider N/A
20 Parents as Recovery Allies: A Father and Daughter by Carol Coussons de Reyes & Bill Coussons
21 Advocating for Transformation to Recovery Through Statewide Organizing by Dan Fisher, Molly Cisco and Debbie Whittle
22 Employment Issues for Persons Living with Mental Illness by Jim Coleman
23 Chop Wood, Carry Water: Mindful Leadership by Constance Downey
24 Let Your Heart be Your Guide to Wellness by Patience DeWeese N/A
25 Building a Culture of Hope: Evaluation Results of the MO Procovery Demonstration by Panel
26 Facing New PTSD Trauma Episodes by Robert Qualis
27 From State Hospital to Community - Peer Mentors in Action by Shirlee Hopper-Scherch N/A
Friday Institutes
A Raising All Boats: How HMO Consumers are Improving Peer-Run Program Quality and Outcomes by Panel (3 CD Set)
B Art and Recovery Experience by Meghan Caughey (2 CD Set)
C Advocacy Strategies with Storytelling by Panel (2 CD Set)
D Ticket to Work by Gloria Dorsey and Susan Klusman Turner (2 CD Set)
E Recovery and Self-Sufficiency in a Fairweather Lodge by Panel (3 CD Set)
F Seclusion and Restraints: Supporting Evidence, Best Practices and Tools for Advocacy by Panel (3 CD Set)
G Somewhere Over the Rainbow for LGBT Consumer/Survivors by Mark Davis and Michael M. Lewis (2 CD Set)
H Men and Trauma by Pat Risser (3 CD Set)
Friday Workshops - 2:00pm
28 CROs and the Promotion of a Recovery Environment by Rebecca Eichhorn and Nancy Snider
29 Not a Pity Party: Facilitating Recovery-Oriented Support Groups by Ingrid Deetz and Matt Mattson
30 Trauma: It May Be a Thing of the Past, But It's Affecting Your Future by Ronda Ames & Rosie Carney
31 An Inquiry About One Peer-Driven Curriculum to Train Peer Coaches by Linda Donovan
32 How to Advocate Effectively by Carol Gouge
33 Telling Our Stories Through Art by Carol Roussons de Reyes and Jean Campbell
34 Outdoor Recreation and Recovery by Steve Harrington
Friday Workshops - 3:45pm
35 Making MySpace OurSpace and 10 Other Techniques Matt Mattson & Lisa Goodale
36 The Importance of Quality in Consumer Driven Programs by Tammy Lemon and Kathy Muscari
37 Consumers as Providers by Ann Lubarov
38 If You're Not at the Table, You're Not Going to Eat by Gloria Pope
39 Speak Your Truth and Be Heard: Poetry and Spoken Word Performance Tips by Leah Harris
40 The Magic of Creative Arts Project: Bringing People Together in TN by Louetta Hix and Judy Reeves N/A
41 Self-Advocacy: I Want It and I Want It Now by Ronda Ames and Rosie Carney
42 Suffering: Bargain Bin of Fruit or Garbage of Bitterness - Your Choice by Jo Jolley
Saturday Workshops - 10:30am
43 Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Consumers by Bart Dunn and Berthan Lingham
44 Statewide Systems Transformation Through Peer Specialists by Betsy Kidwell and Matthew R. Federici
45 From Madness to Motherhood - One Woman's Journey by Mickie McDowell
46 Writing for Healing and Personal Transformation by Gayle Bluebird
47 Falling Through the Cracks: Youth Mental Health System Strategies by Ty Smith
48 Our Wound Becomes Our Gift by Alyssa Solomon and Christopher Camilleri
49 Healing From Loss: Activities for Power, Purpose and Connection by Susan Murphy and Lori Davidson N/A
50 Training the Mind, Opening the Heart: Mindfulness Meditations as a Toll for Recovery by Leah Harris and Can Truong
51 Making Your Voice Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
52 Training Recovery Partners in Churches by Lisa Goodale N/A
Saturday Institutes
J A Look at Trauma in Partnership with the Trauma Knowledge Utilization Project by Jacki McKinney and Susan Mockus (2 CD Set)
K From Recovery to Wellness by Pat Risser (2 CD Set)
L Keys to Creating and Selling Professional Art by Jerome Lawrence (2 CD Set)
M Gaining a Voice and a Place at the Table: Thirty-Five Years of Advocacy and Activism by Panel (2 CD Set)
N Motivational Interviewing and the Recovery Conversation by Eduardo Vega (2 CD Set)
O Retraumatization and Mutual Support by Panel (2 CD Set)
P World Cafe: Using Dialogue to Create a Unified Voice by Panel
Sunday Workshops - 8:30am
53 Writing Dora: Healing the Wounds of Stigma Through Self-Published Autobiographical Writing by Jennifer Eisenhauer
54 Spanning the Recovery Movement: Addressing Stigma Through Participatory Dialogues by Kathy Bashor and Charlotte Web
55 Believing Completely in Ourselves and Using Our Advocacy Skills to Chance the World by Lauren Spiro
56 Please Do This ASAP! by Lauren Shawl N/A
57 Speakers Bureau: An Effective Tool to Reach Communities and Break Stigma by Panel
58 The Transformative Power of Program Evaluation by Debbie Plotnick
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each