Alternatives 2008
 October 29 - November 2
 Buffalo, New York

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Three CD Institutes - $15.00 each

Individual CDs
Thursday Workshops - 10-11:30am
# Title and Speaker CD
1 Creating the Change We Want by Andersen, Legere and Piaciak
2 The Role of the Internal Arts for Health Wellness and Recovery by Derek Fulker N/A
3 The POWER to Choose: Stress Management Skills for Success by Susan Sotack and Marvin Walter
4 Shared Decision-Making: New Tools, New Attitudes by Laurie Curtis and Darby Penney
5 Intentional Peer Support: An Alternative Approach to Crisis by Lenora Kimball
6 Relationship Recovery: How to Get and Keep Healthy Relationships by Harrington, Kazmaier and Corcoran
7 Expanding the Efforts and Practices of People in Mental Health Services by Keysha Brown and Christine Seeler
8 Brokerage Services in Action: Creating Recovery with Self-Directed Support by Amy Zulich N/A
9 Creating Housing and Financial Services to Promote Wellness by Peggy Swarbrick N/A
10 Culture and the Workplace: Yours, Mine and Ours by Carlton Whitmore N/A
11 "On Our Own": Looking Back and Looking Forward by Judi Chamberlin N/A
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
12 Comfort Rooms and Comforting Environments by Gayle Bluebird N/A
13 A Way Home: Experiential Group Learning as a Means of Awakening by Noelle Pollet N/A
14 Computer Loan Program - Using Technology as a Tool for Recovery by Christopher Shantz
15 The Texas Two Step: A New Twist to Partnering with Consumers by LaVerne Miller and Vicky Coffee-Fletcher
16 Supported Environment: Building Bridges Between Consumers and Community by Kate Collentine
17 Outing Trauma, Suicide Risks and Prevention Needs of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals by Mark Davis
18 Peer Educators Project: Each One, Reach One, Teach One by Raji, Shuer, Laureano and Ward
19 Mother and Daughter Sharing Recovery by Kayla Griffin N/A
20 Trauma-Informed Peer Support and Peer-Run Crisis Alternatives by Brody, Ewbank and Snow
21 Another Way of Looking at Ourselves: Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence? by Angela Cerio N/A
22 Zentangle - An Artistic Meditation Experience by Maura Pieciak and Lara Williams N/A
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
23 The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic by Darby Penney N/A
24 Recovery from the Inside Out: A Look at Reforming the Mental Health System by George Nostrand
25 Healing Through the Use of Arts by Sharon Wise N/A
26 Healing Racism: A Facilitated Dialogue by Mertice Williams and Sharon Kuehn
27 Work is Recovery: Advancing Employment as Part of Wellness and Recovery by Jacobs, Moneypenny and Ostholthoff
28 Food, Vitamins, and Alternative Grains: The Firm Nutritional Road to Health by Chris Foulke and Nadine Grzeskowiak
29 Peer Employment Support by Swarbrick, Blyler and Gloss N/A
30 Where Do We Belong? by Sotack, Brown, Walker and Gringas
31 Emergence from Trauma by Cheryl Sharp and Elaine Carroll
32 Culture and Recovery: The Role of Peer Advocates in Ensuring Equity by Cathy Cave and Sabrina Johnson
33 Our Past as a Beacon for the Future by Su Budd and Sally Zinman N/A
34 Shining Our Light: Recovering as a Family from Mental Illness and Suicide by Amber Guerrero and Karina Guerrero
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
35 Speaking from Our Hearts, Changing the World by Spiro, Fisher and Van Tosh
36 Whose Reality Is It Anyway: The Healing Power of Our Stories by Ronald Bassman
37 Suicidal Thoughts and Self-Help: Research and Discussion by Edward L. Knight and Peter Ashenden N/A
38 Addiction and Recovery Gathering: The Next Steps by Terry Shirreffs
39 What Are the Issues for Asian Americans? by Shwe, Park, Troung and Yamada-Roberts
40 Key Concepts for Recovery Oriented Services by Bill Burns-Lynch
41 Digital Storytelling: Creating Community and Advocacy by Jennifer Eisenhauer
42 Pain Free - The Way to Be by Nancy Churchill
43 Promoting Wellness and Recovery Through Self-Help Groups by Barbara White
44 The Phenomenon of Laughter in Recovery by Grace Sweet N/A
45 Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, But Words Can Really Hurt! by Pat Risser and Howard Trachtman
Friday Institutes - 1-5pm
101 Finding Our Voice: World Cafe by Rider, Donovan and Rodriguez-Navarro N/A
102 Engaging Personal Trauma Informs Social Justice by Panel (Three CDs)
103 Values-Based Leadership Practices: Building Credibility by Kathy Muscari and Raymond R. Roberts (Three CDs)
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
46 Independence Through Supports: Self-Directed Care as a Peer Run Program by Patrick Hendry
47 Systems Transformation: The Promise and Reality... by Schraiber, Bond, Hall and Hollman
48 Consumer Involvement in Forensic Settings: The Way It Can Be by Britten, Martin, Hulvey and Sooter
49 New SAMHSA-Funded Resources for Peer Support and Peer-Run Programs by Penney, Curtis and Campbell
51 Living in Wholeness by Debbie Whittle
52 Our Daily Life is Part of Recovery by Robert Matecki
53 Focusing on Wellness and "Personal Medicine" to Achieve Recovery by Paleo, Martinex, Neisler, Gary and Mata
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
54 Art is Essential: Transformation and Recovery Experience by Meghan Caughey N/A
55 Beneficiary Projects Initiative (BPI) - Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries by Todd Steele and Francine Harbour
56 Peer Run Clinic: HALI in Long Island by Ellen Healion N/A
57 Grow Your Own Oral History Project by Steve Periard
58 Ending Powerlessness and Claiming Our Infinite Capacity by Lauren Spiro
59 We Are Recovery by Maldonado, Robinson and Casanova
60 Green' Healing: Policy and Possibility by Jonathan Dosick and Judene Shelley
61 Medical Impostors of Mental Illness: Is It Mental or Medical? by Mary Jensen
62 Organizing for Systems Transformation by Joseph A. Rogers
Saturday Workshops - 10-11:30am
63 Oops! They're Doing a Background Check by David Money
64 Emotional CPR by Fisher, Spiro and Rider
65 Nonviolent Communication: The Lion and the Lamb by Schrepel, Schulman and Brock
66 Key Ingredients of Peer Services and Supports Identified by Jean Campbell
67 Turning the Tide: Changing the Focus from Force to Fixing Our Services by Harvey Rosenthal
68 Peer Support and Wellness Center - Peer Respite, Warm Line and Wellness by Morales, Tucker and Willis
69 Changing Lives and Communities Through Active Transportation by Corinna West
70 Making Our Voices Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
71 Enhancing What Is Right: Alternatives and Complimentary Approaches by Bob Bennett and Rosalie Henry
72 Trauma Healing Circle by Rhonda Elsey-Jones N/A
73 Transformation Through Peer Led Services and Outcomes by Miccio, Schism, Turner and Woinoski N/A
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
74 Participatory Dialogues: Living Agents of Change by Kathy Bashor and Charlotte Webb
75 Treatment Options: Safety, Control and Choice by Will Hall
76 Uncertain Instruments: Using Advance Directives by Laura Ziegler N/A
77 Consumer-Academic Research Collaboration: Overcoming the Challenges by Jonathan Delman and Jean Campbell
78 Partnering with Volunteers and Students on Citizen Engagement by Horch, Freund and Morrison
79 The Role of Spirituality in a Holistic Recovery Model by Liz Brown and Janet Drebert N/A
80 Capacitor: Wellness Tools for Healing Trauma by Sharon Kuehn and Mertice Williams
81 WELLNESS 2.0 - Online Peer Support, Recovery and Wellness by Beth Elliot N/A>
82 Changing State Laws Discriminating Against Parents by Lorraine McMullin N/A
83 That's Edu-tainment! by Nicholas Holstein
84 A Positive Approach to Remaining HIV-Negative: From the Street and the Library by Waver Franklin and Andy Bernstein N/A
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
85 Using Pressure to Relieve Pressure: A Workshop on Acupressure Techniques by Sandra Butler-Bauerie
86 Yes, You Can Go to College and Succeed! by Can Troung
87 Native American Health and Wellness - Addressing Our Health Disparities by Pete Hill N/A
88 Opening Into Joy Using the Energy Systems of the Body by Susan Robins N/A
89 Emergency Room Rights by Cathy A. Levin and Evelyn Kaufman
90 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Psychiatric Survivors by Coffman, Livote, Davis and Bottomlay
91 The Hero's Journey by Traci Jacobs and Carol Hartman
92 New Challenges for a New Century: A Workshop for Consumer/Survivor Leaders by Richard Krzyzanowski
93 What are Block Grants: How to Get Them and What to Do With Them by Mike Halligan and Bonnie Pate
94 What's Love Got to Do With It? Co-Creating Self-Determined Care by Naomi Pinson and June Gross
95 Building Community and Wellness: Experiencing the Healing Power of the Drum by Chrys Ballerano
96 Supported Housing: Research and Best Practices by Joseph A. Rogers
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each