Alternatives 2009
 October 28 - November 1
 Omaha, Nebraska

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Institutes - $12.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
106 The Honoring of Judi Chamberlin and Her Closing Message
101 Opening Ceremony by A. Kathryn Power
102 Stand Up for Mental Health: Using Humor to Fight Stigma! by David Granirer
103 The Power of Our Voice by J. Rock Johnson, J.D.
104 Building Power and Capacity in the Consumer/Survivor Movement: Where Do We Go From Here? by Andrew J. Imparato, Esq.
105 Celebrating the Successes, Maintaining the Commitment by Sen. Mike Johanns
(also contains Judi Chamberlin's honoring)
Thursday Workshops - 10-11:30am
1 The Glass Closet: Why Being Out is Not Enough for Transgender Persons by Monica Stevens
2 Development of Consumer Leadership for a Behavioral Health Medicaid Program by Sara Krebs, Laura Thomas & James Schuster
3 Improving Health & Wellness in Peer Support Settings by Peggy Swarbrick, Jay Yudof & Laura Yudof
4 Restraint: Treatment or Trauma? by Lisa St. George, Michelle Bloss & Shannon Jaccard
5 Collaborative Arts Workshop: Harmonizing Your Creativity with Others by Chaya Grossberg, Leah Harris & Lauren Spiro
6 Hope's Door: Stepping Into Wholeness by Ann Rider & Randy Horton N/A
7 Connecting Inpatient and Community-Based Peers: A Movement to Inspire Hope by April Wilson & John Garafano
8 Systems Advocacy 101 by Debbie Plotnick & Corey Rogers
9 The CMHS National GAINS Center Consumer Perspectives Exhibit in Our Own Words: Our Experience with Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System by Latrease Moore
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
10 Empowering Lifestyle Changes Through Alternative and Complementary Practices by Elizabeth Bartholomew & John Garafano
11 Chop Wood, Carry Water: Mindful Leadership by Constance Downey N/A
12 From Incarceration to Community: Peer Run Re-Entry by Ellen Healion
13 Empowering Through Voting by Mary Angus & Kathy Hoell
14 Systems Transformation Through Systems Advocacy by Kathy Cascio
15 Steps to Wellness: A Manual for Building Community Supports by Walter Hudson & Jane Winterling
16 The Peer Engagement Model by Steve Miccio & Kasey Moyer
17 Politics is Not a Spectator Sport by Marty Raaymakers
18 Ending Self Stigma: A New Class for Consumers by Panel
Thursday Institutes - 2-5pm (Two CDs each for $12)
A Trauma-Informed Peer Support and Crisis Alternatives by Panel
B A Multicultural Approach to Spirituality and Recovery by Panel
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
19 The UPenn Collaborative's Research on the Roles of Peer Specialists by Jonathan David, Cherie Bledsoe, Glenn Koons & Edward Schwank
20 Building the Research Base for Peer-Led Services: Ohio Statewide WRAP Study by Carol Bailey Floyd & Judith Cook
21 Recovery Dialogues, Part 1: Finding Common Ground and Creating Change by Carol Gapski, Dan Fisher & Elizabeth Whitney N/A
22 Collective Trauma or Collective Growth? Using Client Politics to Heal by Richard Krzyzanowski N/A
23 Recovery: Opportunities and Challenges in Working with Deaf Individuals by Rachel Ann Klein
24 PAIMI Councils: A Useful Tool for Advocacy and Change by Byron Stith & Yvette Sangster N/A
25 Slaying the Dragon of Apathy: Creating Real Change Through Consumer-Written & Consumer-Implemented Legislation Creating Consumer-Run Organizations in Washington State by Stephanie Lane & Sue Allen
26 Healing with Happiness, Moments of Joy, and Nurture with Nature by John Aldam & Can Truong N/A
27 Shake It OUT for Change: E/Quality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Peers by Mark A. Davis N/A
28 Advocacy and Rights: History and Practice by Joseph Rogers
29 The Beat of Heartland CIT: How Consumers are the Heart of Change in Crisis Intervention Team by Aimee Folker, Jason Vance, Micheal O'Meara & Norma Schaffer
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
30 Healing Through the Use of Art by Sharon Wise & Greg Dicharry
31 Certifiction in Emotional CPR, Part 1: Assisting People through an Emotional Crisis by Dan Fisher, Ann Rider & Lauren Spiro
32 Building Blocks: Leadership Training as a Tool for Developing Local Grassroots Organizations and Successful Statewide Networks by Patrick Hendry
33 Community Unity: Mass Media--How to Use News Agencies to Connect with Your Community by Julie Bayes & Amanda Howell
34 Living Into Wholeness by Debbie Whittle
35 The Puzzle of Facilitation: Tips and Tricks to Being an Effective Group Leader by Karen Cook & Lori Davidson
36 Evaluation: A Quality Improvement Tool for Those Receiving Services--Especially for States that are Receiving Money for Transforming Their Mental Health Systems by Wilma Townsend & Alan Rabideau
37 Parenting Your Child Through Song by Carol Coussons de Reyes
38 Sustainability in Peer-Run Agencies by Ellen Healion
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
39 Poverty, Money, and the Value of Asset Building Models for Wellness by Peggy Swarbrick & Judith Cook
40 Men and Trauma by Pat Risser
41 RI Discovery: A Movement of Change in Peer-Led Self-Managed Mental Health Care Programs by Panel
42 Supporting and Advancing Peer Specialists by Marie Verna
43 Recovery Dialogues, Part 2: Finding Common Ground and Creating Change by Carol Gapski, Dan Fisher & Elizabeth Whitney N/A
44 Being Part of Something Greater than Ourselves by Lauren Spiro & Chaya Grossberg
Friday Institutes - 2-5pm (Two CDs each for $12)
C "Join Hands" Mural Jam: Uniting, Creating, Inspiring by Jean Campbell & Carol Coussons de Reyes
D Trauma-Informed Care: Uniting the Peer Workforce and Statewide Consumer Networks for Real Change by Beth Filson, Mary Blake & Ruta Mazelis
E New Models for Development of Peer-Led Networks, Leadership and Economic Cooperatives by Patrick Hendry & Kate Gaston
F Imagination and Dignity: Differential Adjustment Versus Personal Stress by Panel
G Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Mental Health Consumers: Sexual and Gender Minority Issues by Panel (One CD)
H Using Intentional Peer Support in Crisis Alternatives by Shery Mead & Linda Neiheisel
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
45 Gratitude as an Action Plan by Carol Bailey Floyd & Kathy Muscari
46 A Home Makes All the Difference by Ken Wireman
47 Firewalkers: The Madness, Beauty and Mystery of Recovery by Panel
48 Stepping Outside Our Safety Zones: Successfully Collaborating with Other Community-Based Organizations by LaVerne Miller
49 Community Integration for Consumer-Operated Service Programs: Principles and Practice by Jonathan David
50 The Geography of Recovery: Roots to Higher Ground--How Traditional Diets, Science, and Advanced Nutritional Therapy Can Rebuild the Most Important "System" of All: Our Bodies and Brains by Chris Foulke
51 Drumming Circle/Gathering by Marty Raaymakers & J. Rock Johnson N/A
Saturday Workshops - 10-11:30am
52 Recovering Our Sanity from Medicaid: Lessons Learned as a Full-Service Peer Medicaid Provider by Drake Ewbank & Elizabeth Snow
53 Implementing WRAP Programs with Fidelity to WRAP's Values and Ethics by Stephen Pocklington
54 HIV Lessons from the Streets and the Library: A Positive Approach to Remaining HIV Negative
55 Journey and Signposts: Using the Medicine Wheel Model to Develop Peer Specialist Roles and Leadership by Panel
56 Breaking Away from Stigma and Labels through Resiliency by Letty Elenes & Tony Montoya N/A
57 The Nebraska Agenda for Full Participation: Framing the Disability Discussion by Panel
58 MY LIFE - Youth Involvement Transforms Lives and Systems of Care by Greg Dicharry
59 Certification in Emotional CPR, Part 2: Assisting People through an Emotional Crisis by Dan Fisher, Ann Rider & Lauren Spiro N/A
60 Social Inclusion and Recovery Values: Peers as Change Agents by Tom Lane
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
61 Creating New Ethical Standards in Health and Human Services to Promote Trauma-Informed Care by Panel
62 The New and Improved Ticket to Work Program: Opportunities for Peers and Peer-Operated Services by David Jones & Tom Gloss
63 Changing Mental Health by Providing Peer-Delivered Services through Insurance/Managed Care Companies -- While Building Sustainable Income for Peer Organizations by Sue Bergeson & Anthony Fox
64 Comfort Rooms and Comforting Environments by Gayle Bluebird
65 Underserved Populations in Mental Health Care by Charlene Saner N/A
66 QPR Gatekeeper Training: Suicide Intervention Skills for Everyone by Nancy Bollinger, Robin Gambrell & Jamie Stange
67 Take a Cultural Walk: Privilege, Power & Personhood by Keris Myrick & Kathryn McNulty N/A
68 Our Lives Depend on Peer-Focused Suicide Prevention by Mark A. Davis N/A
69 Creation and Growth of Recovery Learning Communities: A New Peer-Run Model of Peer Empowerment by Howard Trachtman & Karen Kieffer
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
70 What They Don't Want You to Know About Shock Treatment by Linda Andre
71 Shared Decision-Making: New Tools, New Attitudes by Laurie Curtis & Darby Penney N/A
72 Peer Support Services and Cognitive Dissonance by Panel
73 The Phenomenon of Laughter in Recovery Workshop by Grace Karen Sweet
74 Advance Directives for Mental Health Treatment: An Empowering Legal Document by Rita Brooks & Molly Clouse
75 Writing for Growth by Dottie Joslyn
76 Enhancing What's Right: Alternative and Complementary Treatments by Bob Bennett
77 East Meets West in Gandhi and M.L King -- Applying the Spiritual Leadership Practices of the Two Most Powerful Social Justice Leaders in Human History: Truth and Compassion by Margaret J. Park
78 Understanding the Barriers Latinos/Latinas Face on the Road to Recovery by Blanca Deleon N/A
79 Community Access TV: A Powerful Tool for Advocacy by Gene Ira Katz N/A
80 Supported Housing: Research and Best Practices by Joseph Rogers
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each