Alternatives 2010
 September 29 - October 3
 Anaheim, California

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Two CD Institutes - $12.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
201 Opening Session: Behavioral Health 2010 by Pamela Hyde
202 Thursday Morning Breakfast: How Consumers Can Help Shape Health Care Reform by Shawn Terrell, John O'Brien and Barbara Coulter Edwards
203 Friday Morning Breakfast: Rethinking Psychiatric Care by Robert Whitaker
204 Friday Lunch: Many Roads to Recovery by Mark Ragins, M.D.
205 Saturday Morning Breakfast: Black Men Speak!
206 Saturday Lunch: The Esperanza Hope Medical Award and The Fruit and Nut Bowl Award
207 Sunday Closing and Conference Wrap-Up by Katherine Castillo
Thursday Workshops - 10-11:30am
1 Tobacco, Past and Present: Health and Social Justice Mary Hogden
2 Contemporary Issues Related to Psychiatric Service Dog Partnership by Joan Esnayra
3 SAMHSA 10x10 Wellness Campaign by Lauren Spiro
4 Healing Racism: A Multicultural Community Dialogue by Mertice Williams
5 Mental Health and Spirituality: A Holistic Approach to Recovery by Minister Monique Tarver
6 The Value of Shared Experience: Building on the Successes of Existing Patrick Hendry
7 Breakdown! Breakthrough! Breakout! by Marion Aslan
8 Strategies to Increase Your Power to Influence Change by Margaret Park
9 Journaling for Empowerment, Self-Advocacy, and Social Justice by Carol Bailey Floyd
10 Supported Education: Research and Best Practices by Joseph Rogers
11 Join the Digital Video Revolution: Using Video to Tell Stories and Inspire Change by Leah Harris & Judene Shelley N/A
12 Our Stories, Ourselves: An Interactive Workshop Looking at Inner Stigma by Kathleen Crowley N/A
13 Puppets and Theater: Feelings at Your Fingertips by Janine Colletta N/A
14 Con Duong Tien Den Vui Song va Hoi Phuc cua Nguoi Viet Nam... (In Vietnamese) by Dr. Clayton Chau
15 Introducing the FACIT: A Recovery Focused Fidelity Tool for Traci Jacobs
16 Personas: Inner Workings of a Perosn Living with Mental Issues by Steve Bucholtz N/A
17 Telling Our Stories: Journeys of Recovery in Communities of Color by Stella Ho
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
18 The Role of the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) in the Mental Health Services Act by Jay Mahler
19 Shared Decision Making in Mental Health: Tools to Let It Happen by Laurie Curtis N/A
20 The Memorial Gardens of St. Elizabeth's Psychiatric Peter Ashenden
21 This is Our Time! Taking Peer Wellness Coaching to New Groups and New Harvey Rosenthal
22 Psychiatric/Behavioral Seclusion and Mechanical Alysa Solomon N/A
23 La Familia Perspective: Social Justice, Cultural Competence, and Mental Health Leticia Villarreal Sosa
24 Helping You Helps Me: Creating Social Justice Creates Wellness by Alexander Bingham
25 Psychosis Dharma Community by Ed Knight N/A
26 Collaborative Advocacy by Delphine Brody
27 Compassionate Conversations Using Principles of Nonviolence to Choose Phil Schulman N/A
28 Developing a Peer Support, Leadership and Education Program Angel Cortes-Cruz
29 Turning Up the Volume of the Consumer Voice: Building the CQT of Maryland by Joanne Meekins
30 Volunteer to Job: Skill Building + Support = Successful Employment by Libby Hartigan N/A
31 Trauma-Informed Peer Engagement, Making Meaning of Our Lives by Cheryl Sharp
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
32 A Life in the Community - Peer-Run Hospital Diversion Programs by Steve Miccio
33 Success Stories from the Developing World on Recovery and Social Justice by Corinna West
34 The New and Improved Ticket to Work Program by Peggy Swarbrick
35 Trauma Healing and Spirituality by Will Hall
36 Data Driven Peer Bridger Pilot Intervention as Part of a CA EQRO PIP by Alysa Solomon N/A
37 Action Planning for Community Participation by Rita Brooks
38 Creatively Cultivating Change by Andree Reyes
39 Helping People Find Their "Cheers" - Developing a Social Network by Anita Toledo N/A
40 How to Change the System from the Inside Out by Anna Gray
41 Strategies, Sensitivity, and Sustainability by Brenda Vezina-Jodaitis N/A
42 Establishing a Self-Directed Care Medicaid Reimbusable Research Pilot Erme Maula
43 Mental Health Advocacy in Troubled Times by Colleen Horton
44 The Puzzle of Facilitation: Tips and Tricks to Being an Effective Peer Group Leader by Karen Cook N/A
45 Peer Services Latino Style! by Keris Myrick
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
Due to a power failure, only the last 40 minutes of Friday morning workshops was captured on CD. Numbers 48-62 are available for $3.00 each, but the first portion of the talk will be missing from the CD.
46 Dance Your Prayers by Sheilah Hill N/A
47 Dealing with Crisis in Non-Coercive Way, Intentional Peer Chris Hansen N/A
48 Promoting Wellness in Our Communities Through Consumer Action Research by Jean Campbell
49 Survival Against All Odds: One Man's Quest to Promote Wellness and Kevin Hines N/A
50 Building Relationships: Mental Health Consumer/Survivors and Law Enforcement by Daniel Fisher
51 The Alameda County Social Inclusion Campaign by Lisa Smusz
52 Using the 2010 Pillars of Peer Support White Paper to Sue Bergeson
53 Celebrating What's Right with the World by Martha Ekhoff N/A
54 A Year Later: Navajo Peer Program and Lessons Learned on the Journey by Melissa Logg N/A
55 Building a Recovery-Based Mental Health System by Chris Camilleri N/A
56 Work and Wellness by Robin Weiss
57 Mentoring Me: A Journey of Self Discovery by BJ North
58 Survival and Recovery Through an Integrative Approach by Maria Allen
59 Facilitating Peer Recovery Groups in Locked Facilities by Fred Lee
60 Social Inclusion in the Workplace by Everette Hicks
61 Medication Empowerment by Will Hall N/A
62 Impacting System Change from the Inside-Clinic Advisory Councils by Gayle Tolman
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
63 The Phenomenon of Laughter in Recovery by Grace Sweet N/A
64 Mental (St)ealth: The Art of Transgender Activist Dylan Scholinksi
65 War and Therapy: A Play by Paula Caplan N/A
66 Self-Directing Your Recover by Controlling Your Own Service Dollars by Tommy Wornick
67 Peers and Parenting by George Badillo N/A
68 Crooked Beauty and the Embodiment of Madness by Ken Rosenthal
69 Veterans Peer Support by Michael McPherson
70 Effective Advocacy: How to Rock the Boat Without Falling Out by Sheryle Stafford N/A
71 Juntos con la Conciencia Plena by Peter K. Simon Smith
72 Systems Advocacy 201 by Debbie Plotnick N/A
73 Strategies to Reduce and Prevent Interpersonal Violence for Men by Beckie Child N/A
74 Independent Living and Mental Health Issues: Opportunities and Challenges by Marca Bristo N/A
75 Peers and Providers: Partnership Building for Health Care Reform by Jacki McKinney
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
76 Music and Recovery by Selina Glater N/A
77 Changing Lives Through Resident-Run Affordable Housing by Ruth Hollman
78 When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Stephen Robinson N/A
79 Self-Care Approaches for Longevity by Betty Redman
80 Ties of Love: Parents and Grandparents Who Lives with Mental Health Carol Coussons de Reyes N/A
81 Disability Rights California Peer Self-Advocacy Program by Rob Chittenden N/A
82 ART, Jive and MO: Art Experience and Movement by Meghan Caughey
83 Social Networking: Expanding Your Community as a Path to Patrick Hendry
84 PAIMI Council: A Useful Tool for Advocacy and Change by Yvette Sangster N/A
85 Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships Through Insight and Intuition by Suzann Robins N/A
86 Psychiatric Advance Directives and WRAP Crisis Plans by Bonnie Neighbour
87 Supporting Whole Health Through Peer Support: A Multi-State Intiative by Tom Lane N/A
88 Mental Health and Cross Disability Communities are Separated by David Oaks N/A
89 Open the Door to Opportunity! Join Your State Mental Health Planning Council by Mike Halligan N/A
Saturday Workshops - 10-11:30am
90 The Wellness and Advocacy Center's Literary Journal, Creative Linx by Linda Kehoe
91 History of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Movement by Sally Zinman
92 MY LIFE - From Youth to Involvement to You Involvement by Greg Dicharry
93 Crisis as Opportunity: Entering Hope's Door by Ann Rider N/A
94 Exploring Practices for the Body, Mind and Spirit by Sharon Kuehn N/A
95 A Peer Engagement Guide for Supporting Women Trauma Survivors by Beth Filson
96 Living Into Wholeness by Debbie Whittle
97 Mutual Support 101 by Lee Shuer
98 Making Our Voice Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
99 Asian-Americans Speak Out on Cultural Competency and Other Needs by Can Truong
100 Against the Grain: Carbohydrate, Gluten, Weight Gain and the Brain by Chris Foulke
101 A Way Out of Madness: Dealing with Your Family After You've Been Dorothy Dundas
102 Learning Community to Expand Use of CPS Teaching Whole Health in Texas by Dennis Bach
103 Career Visions: Young Adults and Self-Directed Career Planning by Jo Ann Sowers
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
104 Guia Para Recobrar la Vida a Nuestro Propio Ritmo by Maria Ostheimer N/A
105 Call Me Crazy: A Play by Paula Caplan N/A
106 Expressing Yourself from the Heart and Unleashing the Creative Catherine Penney N/A
107 In the Thick of Things: Promoting a Life in the Community for All by Jonathan David
108 Going Mobile: Starting a Peer Support Program Without Walls by Liz Spikol N/A
109 HEROES 101: Resiliency Fitness Paradigm by Vanessa Landau
110 Women Survivors: We Have Already Found Our Voices and We Are Not Cathy Cave
111 Focus for Life: Cutting Edge Resiliency Training in 3 Days by Janet Paleo
112 Parenting Through the Storm: Sharing Stories, Lessons Learned, Ongoing Support by Renu Garg-Peterlinz N/A
113 Resiliency Time Management by Walter Hudson
114 Your Glass is Full: Stepping Stones to Optimism and Wellness by Catharine Randazzo
115 Human Rights in Rhyme and Reason by Naomi Pinson
116 Behind the Mask: Using the Arts to Challenge Stigma by Richard Krzyzanowski
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
117 Finding Your Inner Comic by Michael Porco N/A
118 Encouraging Exercise Through Movement Ice-Breakers/ Cathy Clemens N/A
119 Developing Your Art Practice into a Self-Supporting Corinna West
120 Healing Through the Use of Art: Pillows of Unrest by Sharon Wise N/A
121 The Hero's Journey in Recovery by Patience DeWeese N/A
122 Supporting Client's Rights, Dignity, Wellness and Recover in Mental Health Courts by Delphine Brody
123 Recovery from the Inside Out: Successfully Effecting Personal and Systemic George Nostrand
124 Flower Essences (Bach Flowers) - A Natural Choice for Stress Amanda Russell N/A
125 Work and Recovery Workshop by Monica Elwell
126 Shared Journey: Peer Support Design in Recovery by Jennifer Jones
127 Oops! They're Doing a Background Check by David Money N/A
128 Youth 'N Action! Youth Voice in Public Policy for Social Stephanie Lane
Institutes contain Two CDs for $12.00 each
A An Overview of the Art of Facilitating Self-Determination by Stephen Pocklington
B Peer Services as an Evidence-Based Practice: Final Results from the Carol Bailey Floyd
C Intentional Peer Support by Chris Hansen
D Finding Common Ground: Integrating Wellness and Personal Advocacy by Melody Riefer N/A
E Emotional CPR: Assisting People Through an Emotional Crisis by Daniel Fisher
F Funding Our Movement by Ellen Osbourne N/A
G How to Develop a Peer Specialist Program in Your State by Joe Rogers
H How Consumers and Providers Can Build Bridges and Work Angel Moore N/A
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each