Alternatives 2011
 October 26-31
 Orlando, Florida

Audio CDs - $7.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Opening Keynote - Welcome to Alternatives 2011 by Pamela S. Hyde, J.D.
102 Thursday Morning Keynote by Kinike Bermudez Thompson, PHK
103 Friday Morning Keynote by Timothy Ranney-Blake
104 Friday Awards Luncheon with Joseph Rogers
105 Saturday Morning Keynote - Youth Plenary Session with Joseph Rogers
106 Closing Keynote - See You Next Year! with Joseph Rogers
Thursday Workshops - 10-11:30am
1 Restoring the Spirit: A Celebration of Culturally Diverse Wellness Practices from Experiences by Kelley, Wilches, Truong & Quinerly
2 Exercising Your Way to Wellness: Fitness Workshop by J. Padron & D. Richardson
3 Creating an Egypt Moment in Recovery Funding with Social Media by C. West & K. Braiterman
4 Bringing Peers Together by R. Howard & R. Rehak N/A
5 Be a Decision Maker: How to Effectively Serve on Boards and Committees by D. Plotnick & C. Rogers
6 Using the Pillars of Peer Support II to Build Medicaid Reimbursement for Peer Programs by Bergeson, Jenkins & Daniels
7 Alternatives Healing Projects: Creating New, Thriving and Sustainable Healing Hazen, Campopiano & Quark
8 Psychiatric Service Dogs: Facilitating Recovery Through Informed Human-Canine Partnershipby J. Esnayra & V. Morris
9 Promoting Wellness: Health Fairs as Key for Well-Being by P. Swarbrick & L. Razzano
10 The Medication Optimization Movement: The Impact of Robert Whitaker's A. Zulich & G. Badillo
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
11 Emotional CPR (eCPR) as a Way of Life by Daniel Fisher
12 Peer Run Warmlines: Success Stories, Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned with Panel
13 Transition Age Youth Taking the Intiative by Letty Elenes & Brianna Williams N/A
14 The Chain of Support: Building Grass-roots Peer Support Teams Link by Link by V. Saunders, D. Young & L. Faulkner
15 Making Our Voices Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
16 SAMHSA Wellness Campaign: Making Stides Toward National Wellness by L. Spiro, P. Swarbrick & MP King
17 Veterans with Mental Conditions and Their Veteran Administration Benefits by Joseph Rapley
18 MY LIFE! Youth Changing Systems and Communities by Greg Dicharry & MY LIFE Youth
19 Board of Directors' Fiduciary Responsibilities: Protocols & Pitfalls by Beckie Child & Donita Diamata
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
20 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Social Media, But Were Afraid to Ask by J. Shelley & Leah Harris
21 The Role of Affinity Groups and Allies in Creating Full Inclusion and Enhancement Cultural Competence by L. Saunders & C. Quinerly
22 Recovery to Practice: Integrating Mental Health Recovery into Behavioral Health Professions with Panel
23 The International Hearing Voices Movement: An Introduction to the Research, P. Baker & O. Cohen
24 Building Partnerships, Strengthening Communities: Mental Health Consumer/Survivors...with Panel
25 Youth Voice: We Can All Heal from Our Trauma by S. Wise, T. Wesby & J. Alphonso
26 TBA N/A
27 Participant Voices from the Innovative CRIF Self-Directed Care Pilot Project...with Panel
28 Pool of Consumer Champions Transforming the Mental Health System in America with Panel
29 Secrets of Gardening: Planting the Wellness Seed for You and Your Community by K. Jue, M. Minor & L. Seppala
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
30 Against Tides and Winds: Our Struggle to Include Diverse Sectors of Society in the Promotion...with Panel
31 If It Works in Miami: A Holistic Model Program for Serving Traumatized Human Beings by Teresa Descilo
32 Bridging the Gap: Reaching Out to Emerging Adults by Jeremy Countryman & Connie Wells
33 Peer-Delivered Services: Research and Outcomes by Joseph Rogers
34 The ARTIST FIRST Approach to Peer Work in Mental Health Recovery: Finding the Artist by Janice Sorensen & Andy Grant
35 Eliminating Restraint and Seclusion Systematically and Locally with Panel
36 Photovoice: A Way to Find Our Collective Voice by Tracy Woods & Sharon Pritchett
37 Deep Listening: Bringing Diverse People Together by Linda Donovan
38 Recovery University by K. Kangas, D. Drumm & L. Lentini
39 Laughter Matters by Grace Karen Sweet
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
40 Peer-Run Respite: The Future is Now with Panel
41 Balancing the Power: Amplifying My Voice in the Med Appointment by M. Riefer, P. Wittman & H. Hartger
42 Poverty, Money Problems and Mental Health: The Elephant in the Room by Donita Diamata & Amy Zulich
43 Self-Direction in Behavioral Health Services and Supports: (CRIF SDC) Program by Bevin Croft & Erme Maula
44 Consumer and Family Collaboration: Improving the County Behavioral Health System from Inside by Lindord Gayle & Jairo Wilches
45 The Role of Certified Peer Specialist in Health Homes for Consumers with Severe Mental Illness by Susan O'Toole & Tracy Carney
46 COSP Evidence-Based Practices Kit: From Getting Started to Impacting Mental Health Policy, Part 1 by Jean Campbell
47 How Leadership Helps Me in My Recovery by Eleanor Trang Mac
48 Measuring Outcomes of Peer Support: What Have We Measured and What Have We Learned? by Thomas Lane
49 Tobacco Free: Smoking Cessation Workshop by Zagorski, Richardson & Verna
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
50 Join the Digital Storytelling Revolution: Stories for Self-Empowerment and Social Change by Leah Harris & Grainne Humphrys
51 The Employment Peer Mentor (EPM) Model: Peers Offering Employment Peer J. Sowers, A. Zulich & T. Bingham
52 Black Men Speak: African American Men Telling Their Story by De Witt Buckingham & Harry Caldwell
53 COSP Evidence-Based Practices Kit: From Getting Started to Impacting Mental Health Policy, Part 2 by Jean Campbell
54 New Directions in Peer Support Supervision by D. O'Brian-Mazza & L. Goodale
55 Sleeping Your Way to Wellness: A Sleep and Mental Health Workshop by Larry Fricks
56 Getting to the Soul of Health Food: A Cooking Workshop by C. Whitmore & K. Willhoite
57 Reframing Self and Trauma: The Foundation of Resilience by Elizabeth Power
58 Federal, State and Local Veteran Intiatives by LaVerne Miller
59 WRAP PALS (Peers Advocating Listening Supporting) by C. Bailey Floyd & M. Federici
Saturday Workshops - 10-11:30am
60 Talking to the Elephant in the Room: Trauma, Race, Culture and Our Relationships by Beth Filson N/A
61 Advocacy 101 by Daniel Fisher
62 Giant Steps to Freedom: Finding Joy and Empowerment from Within by Phil Schulman & Sharon Wise
63 Oral History Projects: We've Done Them and You Can Too! by Bill Shumaker & Oryx Cohen
64 History of the Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Movement: Our Past is a Sally Zinman & Gayle Bluebird
65 How to Be Your Own Most Effective Advocate by Joseph Rogers
66 The Role of a Whole Health Peer Coach by Peter Ashenden
67 Peers and Parenting by George Badillo & Kelly Lane
68 Considering the Risks of Long-Term Use of Psychotropic Medications; A Proactive Susan Smith & Carolyn Petit-Lange
69 A Program to Support the Career Dreams of Youth and Young Adults with Mental Health Issues by Jo-Ann Sowers & Casadi Marino
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
70 Are You a "Magnet" that Needs to be Demagnetized? Clean Out the Clutter by Joy Torres
71 Better Futures Project: College is for Everyone by A. Croskey & L. Ann Phillips
72 Victorious Black Women with Panel
73 Peer Support for People with Co-Occurring Disorders: Community Integration and Recovery in Action by Carol Holmes & Regina Ford
74 TBD N/A
75 Coming Off "Atypical" Neuroleptics (like Clozaril, Risperdal, Seroquel and Zyprexa) Peter Lehmann
76 Improving the Outcomes of Survivors of Abuse: Focusing on Resilience by Linda Toche-Manley
77 Engaging Women Trauma Survivors in Peer Support: A Guidebook by C. Cave, D. Penny & M. Blake
78 It Takes a Village to Heal a Community: African American Perspective on Social Inclusion by Belanie Brown
79 Transition to Independence Process (TIP Model): Evidence-Supported Ty Smith & Hewitt "Rusty" Clark
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
80 Multicultural Experiential Activities Room N/A
81 A Model for Inpatient Peer Support by Holly Dixon & Gayle Bluebird
82 Understanding Stigma in the Latino Community by Blanca DeLeon & Gilberto Romero
83 "Jubilee" Performance by "Acting Out Loud" by Beverly Baird & Lydia Theon Ware N/A
84 Teaching Fitness for Life: The Nutrition and Exercise for Wellness and Recovery Program by Cheri Bledsoe & Catana Brown
85 Power to the People" Vets, the VA and Consumer Empowerment by Clif Wright
86 Peers Supporting Peers While Staying Well Yourself by Charles Willis & Gladys Christian
87 Self-Acceptance as a Spiritual Path to a Life of Meaning, Purpose and Joy by P. Schulman & L. Mancuso
88 Drilling Down and Powering Up: Exploring the Concepts in the Peer Engagement C. Cave, B. Filson & M. Blake N/A
89 Transforming the World-One Peer Specialist at a Time! by Jeanie Whitecraft
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