Alternatives 2012
 October 10-14
 Portland, Oregon

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Institutes (Two CDs) - $10.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Opening Keynote - Welcome to Alternatives 2012 by Pamela S. Hyde, J.D.
102 Thursday Breakfast - "Honoring Our History" with Panel
103 Thursday Lunch - "Peer Staff: Disruptive Innovators" by Patricia Deegan, Ph.D.
104 Friday Breakfast - "Building Our Future" by Will Hall, MA, DipLPW
105 Friday Lunch - "Healthcare Reform" with Panel
106 Saturday Breakfast - "Stand Up for Mental Health" by David Granirer & Friends
107 Saturday Lunch - "Youth Plenary" by Grop Participation
108 Sunday Morning Wrap-up by Peerlink Team
Thursday Workshops - 10-11:30am
1 Appreciating Africa's Footprints in Advancing Global Mental Health by Masipula Sithole, Jr.
2 What is the Role of Antipsychotic Medications in My Recovery Plan? by Lauri Curtis
3 The Future of Rural Mental Health Services by T. Bingham & G. Osborn
4 To Live Without Hope is to Cease to Live by Corbett Monica
5 Setting the Stage for Successful Integration into the Workforce by Saya Krebs N/A
6 Strategies for Talking with Your Healthcare Provider by Beckie Child
7 Disclosing a Disability and Requesting a Reasonable Accomodation at Work by Raymond Bridge
8 Whole Health Recovery: The Mind-Body Connection by Melody Riefer
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
9 Peer Works: Peers Providing Employment Supports and Services by D. Diamata & R. Shelton
10 Peer Recovery Support Coaching - Helping Our Communities Get Back on Their Financial Feet by Joe Powell
11 PACS: A Holistic Approach to Wellness by Ronda Harrison
12 Best Practices for Serving African American Individuals Facing Issues of Mental Illness with a Group Presentation
13 Recovery to Practice: Realizing the Vision by Cronise, Harrington and Rogers
14 The Center for Dignity, Social Inclusion and Stigma Elimination by E. Vega & R. Krzyzanowski
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
15 Supporting Our Peers Through Effective Supervision: Practices that Make a Difference by J. Edwards & C. Brown
16 The Opportunities for Peer Services in Health Reform by Rosenthal, Brown & Colesante
17 Personal and Social Transformation: Key Dimensions to a Full Recovery by Ron Unger
18 Peers and Parenting by Badillo, Puglisi & Lane
19 Peers Eliminating Restraint & Seclusion Systemically & Locally by Trachtman, Johnson & Risser
20 Principles of Recovery by Patricia Ross
21 Board to Death: Managing, Participating On and Understanding Consumer Organization Boards by J. Countryman & C. Wells
22 Mental Health is Going to the Dogs (and Cats) by Shortell, Becker & Maeve
23 Bringing the Voice of Peer-Run Programs to the Policy Dialogue: Results of a National Survery by Laysha Ostrow
24 Making Your Voice Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
25 Millions of Dollars of Matching Funds Through Peer Support: The Vet 2 Vet Ohio Model by Walter Hudson N/A
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
26 It's Hard to Do Good Work in the Dark by Rolin Shelton
27 Career Visions with a Group Presentation
28 Peer Coaching - An Emerging Peer Specialist Workforce Opportunity by A. Doederlein & A. Daniels
29 Using the U.N. - Universal Declaration of Human K. Cascio & J. Caywood
30 Peer Specialist as Interpreters: Facilitating Effective Communication by Janice Sorensen & Andy Grant N/A
31 Returning Veterans Project: An Innovative Volunteer-Based Model for Delivery Services by B. Landau & M. Eichler
32 Victorious Women of Color Living Victorious Lives with a Group Presentation
33 The Power of Peers: How Peers, Peers Specialists & Peer-Run Organizations Can Promote by Joseph Rogers
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
34 Ways Consumer/Survivors Can Have a Voice in Healthcare Reform by J. Bower, D. Fisher & D. Delman
35 Promoting a Whole Health Culture in the Workplace by C. Edwards & Y. Pate
36 Understanding Historical Trauma: Tribal Communities are Changing the Legacy by Elicia Goodsoldier N/A
37 Would You Like Fries with that Emotion? Coping Strategies for Stress and Emotional M. Franklin & P. Terriere
38 Occupying Our Behavior in a Responsible Manner with a Group Presentation
39 Peer Movement & Independent Living Centers: Common Ground? with a Group Presenation
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
40 The Opportunities for Peer Services Healthcare Reform with a Panel Presentation
41 Awakening Wonder: Spiritual Exploration Awakens Hope, Empowerment & Recovery by B. Gould & M. Jadwisiak
42 Finding Your Work-Life Balance by C. Whitmore & C. Cave
43 The Good, the Bad and the Helpful: Alternatives to Suicide Peer-Run Support Groups by J. Sorensen & C. Murphy
44 Transition to Adulthood of People with Mental Health Needs: Involving Families in Recovery with a Panel Presenation N/A
45 Get Social! Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission, Raise Awareness & Provide Support by L. Harris, J. Darden & K. Myrick
46 How to Use the Building Blocks in Best and Better Programming to Grow Peer Run Organizations by Kate Gaston
47 Culture Counts: Variations in Cultural Value Systems and Its Impact on Mental Health and Holistic....with a Panel Presentation
48 Mindfulness, Trauma and Mental Health Recovery by Jim Probert
Saturday Workshops - 10-11:30am
49 Opening the Door to the LGBTIQ Community by Iden Campbell McCollum
50 Tribal Recovery Model by R. Howard & D. Bejar
51 The Delaware Story Peer Super-Vision by Bluebird, Dinardo and Watson
52 Alameda County Transition Age Youth Movement by Letty Elenes
53 Alaska - A Small State Doing Big Things by Roby Priest
54 Our Lives, Our Work: Reclaiming Our Lives Through Employment with a Panel Presentation
55 Pregnancy & Prescription Medication Use: FDA Office of Women's Health Pregnancy Exposure by Townsend, Gallauresi & Kallgren N/A
56 Coming Off Psychiatric Medications: A Harm Reduction Approach by Will Hall
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
57 Five Stages of the Recovery Process by Eddie Smith
58 Circle the Wagons: Cross-Disability Collaborations for Systems Change by J. Countryman & C. Wells
59 How the Internet Supports the Lives of Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges by K. Gowen & M. Rafferty
60 Food Allergy or Mental Illness? That is the Question by C. Marsalis & A. Pierce
61 Drilling Down and Powering Up: Exploring Concepts in the Guide Engaging Women in Trauma by D. Penny, C. Cave & L. Harris N/A
62 Putting Intergraded Health Strategies to Work: Lesson from Maricopa County, Arizona by G. Tolman, T. Lane & M. Kennedy
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
63 MY LIFE - Youth Leading Now...and for the Future by G. Dicharry and Magellan Youth
64 Unleash the Beast: Primal Movement Workshop by Ben Luskin
65 Visioning Our Future: The Well-Being Connection by S. Kuehn & G. Sweet
66 Reclaiming Play, Love and Happiness by P. Schulman & T. Love
67 Two Years Late: Self Directed Care Study Project in Pennsylvania Findings with a Panel Presentation
68 Building Community with Huichol Indigenous Traditions by C. West & G. Broz
69 Awakening to the Power of Creative Expression as a Means of Personal, Social & Societal...with a Panel Presentation
70 Enhancing Self Determination with Youth Aging Out of Foster Care: My Life Project by J. Schmidt & S. Turner
71 Dialogical Recovery: A Synthesis of Open Dialogue and Recovery Principles by D. Fischer and K. Kieffer
Conference Institutes - 2 CDs for $10.00 each
A Creating, Sharing & Incorporating Native American Beliefs and Practices into M. Long & K. Gaston (1 CD)
B Human Rights Violations in the Mental Health System by Copeland, Anthes and Federici
C Peer-Run Respite: "See It, Build It, Live It" by S. Miccio, D. Hazen & S. Davidow
D WRAP: First, Last and Always by Mary Ellen Copeland & Ed Anthes
E Human Rights Advocacy for System Change by Tina Minkowitz
F Starting a Peer-Run Warmline in Your Area: The Oregon Story with a Panel Presentation
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each