Alternatives 2013
 December 4-8
 Austin, Texas

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Institutes (Two CDs) - $10.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
201 Opening Keynote - Welcome to Alternatives 2013 by Paolo Del Vecchio, MSW N/A
202 Thursday Breakfast - "Embracing the Power of Our Differences" by Chacku Mathai
203 Thursday Awards Luncheon
204 Friday Breakfast - "Pathways to Healing and Recovery by William Kellibrew, IV
205 Saturday Closing Luncheon by Marty Hadge
Wednesday Workshops - 2:30-4:00pm
1 Lowering the Drawbridge: Peer Advocates and Psychiatrists Working Together... by Any Zulich and Michael Jiong Yao N/A
2 The Role of Peers in a Mental Health/Substance Abuse Mobile Crisis Unit J. Maria Padron and C. Driggers
3 Sound Out for Life (SOL): Talking about Hope, Suicide and Suicide Stigma to E. Vega, L. Harris, D. Lezine N/A
4 The Power of Peers: How to Advocate Effectively on the Individual and Systems Levl by Joseph Rogers
5 Reframing Recovery by Nicole Currier & Donita Diamata N/A
6 Finding Wellness and Peace and Standing on Solid Ground in a Changing World by Deborah L. Truheart (D. Whittle)
7 Desarrollando grupos multiculturales de apoyo mutuo de facilitadores y Vivian Nunez and Oscar Arzola
8 Creating Inclusive Communities by Shining the Light Within by Yaffa Alter & Sharon Kuehn
9 Discover the Hearing Voices Network with Panel
10 Development of a Social Recovery Measure by Casadi Marino
11 Ready, Set, Go: Embracing and Implementing a New Empowering Supported Employment Model with Panel
12 Spirituality Companion/Advocate Training by Phil Schulman and Melissa Logg
Wednesday Workshops - 4:30-6:00pm
13 History of the Consumer Movement by Sally Zinman and Tom Wittick
14 Strategies for Integrating Recovery Support Services in Programs for Justice-Involved Consumers by Michael Little and Matt Canuteson
15 Language: What We Tell Ourselves and Others by BJ North and Joan Keenen
16 Moving Beyond Brokenness by Deron Drumm and Greg Benson
17 Diaspora: Exploring Healing through Word, Spirit and Sound with Panel
18 Valuing the Young Adult Voice: Oh, the Places You'll Go! with Panel
19 Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness: A Narrative of Psychic Diversity by Sascha DuBrul
20 Learning Experiences for People with Labels - A Recovery Crash Course in 8 Days by Rokus Loopik
21 Personal Values at Work: How What WE Value Can Transform How We Work and Lead by Lynnae Brown N/A
22 Consumer Recovery Investment Funds (CRIF) Self Directed Care (SDC): The Benefits with Panel
23 BESTBET Training: "Get the Job You Want" by Robyn Priest
Thursday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
24 Emotional CPR (eCPR), a Trauma-Informed Approach to Healing and Recovery by Dan Fisher and Eileen Rosen
25 WRAP, Healing the Traumu of Abuse by Matthew Federici
26 Video Storytelling for Individuals and Nonprofits by Leah Harria and Evan Goodchild
27 Opportunities for Peer Support Specialists in Federally Qualified Health Pamela Werner and Lee Curtis
28 Promoting Recovery through Greater Access to Peer Support by Kim Sunderland and Shana Calixte
29 Building Communities of Wellness Across Differences: Healing the Trauma of Stephanie Ozbun N/A
30 Peer Power in Action: Changing the Culture by Creating Pathways to Independent Living by M. Weaver, M. Rivers, and A. Crotty
31 Do Send a Card Project by Terri Byrne and Julian Plumadore
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
32 The Path to Peer Respite with Panel
33 Exceeding Expectations through Education, Training and Employment by D. Capponi, M. Creek, T. Pnolo
34 Embracing and Empowering Young Adults to Become Wellness Leaders by Ty Smith and Lacy Kendrick Burk
35 Planting the Financial Wellness Seed with Panel
36 Peer Debriefing and Elimination of Restraint and Seclusion in Inpatient and Crisis Settings with Panel
37 Carrying the Message of Hope to Every Consumer: The Living Legacy We Each Offer by Patti Bitney Starke and Kirsten Berg
38 Unique Approaches to Military Veteran's Wellness and Reintegration by Steve Robinson and David Bercli
39 Implementing Peer Provider Services into a Private Integrated Health Care System with Panel N/A
40 Trauma, Internalized Mad-Phobia, Suicide, Recovery by Jim Probert
41 How to Maintain Healthy Relationships when Coping with Mental Health Distress by Michele Bibby
42 WRAP in Diverse Communities/Cultures and Relationships with Panel
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5pm
43 Intentional Peer Support and Early Experiences of Psychosis by Steven Morgan and Beth Filson N/A
44 Housing-Focused Outreach by Steven Samra
45 Are We in a Perfect Storm for Recovery and Peer Support? by Harvey Rosenthal and Briana Gilmore
46 Coming Without Labels: Gender, Sexuality and Peer-to-Peer Support with Panel
47 Dialogical Recovery: Synthesis of Open Dialogue and Recovery by Dan Fisher and Anne Weaver
48 Peer Non-Profit Leadership: Strengthening Our Organizations through Support and Connection by A. Zulich, R. Priest, and P. Ross
49 Women Empowering Women: Accepting the Trauma Life Dealt, Forgiving, and Moving Forward with Panel
50 Childhood Trauma and The Shadow: A Film Presentation by Ken Paul Rosenthal N/A
51 The Dynamic Duo for Depression Recovery: Peer Support and Web Conference by Vincent Caimano
52 Humor for the "Health" Of It: How to Use Humor in Preventing and Managing Stress and Burnout by Traci Jacobs and Carol Hartman
53 Awakening to the Power of Creative Expression as a Means of Personal Social and...with Panel
Friday Workshops - 10-11:30am
54 The Recovery Learning Community with Panel
55 How to Build a "Black Man Speak" or "Men of ColorGroup" for Wellness and B. Hill, J. Anderson, H. Caldwell
56 Veteran Specific Recovery Issues by Roberta L. Howard
57 Making Your Voice Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers N/A
58 Advocacy and Research Hand-in-Hand with Panel
59 Bringing Together Addictions and Mental Health Peer Support by Steve Harrington and Tom Hill
60 Oklahoma Peer Recovery Support Specialist Program by Malacha Davidson and Pam McElmuray
61 Get Media Savvy: Tools to Take Communications to the Next Level with Panel
62 Social Self-Directed Care: It's My Life by Patrick Hendry
63 Lessons from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health - East Texas Coalition with Panel
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
64 The Bipolar OR Waking UP Project: Using Transpersonal Psychology as a Basis for Sean Blackwell
65 Creativity and Mental Health Recovery by Barry Shainbaum N/A
66 Utilizing Peer Support to Build Community: An Approach Rooted in Y. Briscoe, TK Blanchard, and A. Powers
67 What Gets Measured Gets Done: Evaluation as a Tool for Advocacy by Darcey Jane and Judy Oakden N/A
68 Empowering Women's Voices for Greater Intimacy and Wellness by J. Darden, L. Smusz, and K. Ubozoh N/A
69 Innovative Approaches to Supporting Young Adults to Take Charge of Their Career Adrienne Scavera and Jo-Ann Sowers
70 Holistic Approaches to Wellness: Moving Beyond Mental Health to Whole Health by Jeanie Whitecraft
71 Improving the Wellness of Transgender, Intersex and Genderqueer Individuals by Iden Campbell
72 Corners, Please: Intra-Organizational Conflict Resolution by Jeremy Countrymen
73 Promoting Resiliency through Peer Support Whole Health by Tom Lane
74 Meaning from Madness: Making Room for Mystery in Mutual Support by Nicole Darr
75 Creating Wellness Support Groups by Jane Whitaker/Winterling, W. Hudson
76 Build It and They Will Come: Leadership in the Community/Survivor Movement by Walter WaiTak Chan
77 Getting a Place at the Table: Ensuring the Inclusion of a Diversified Peer Robert Rousseau
78 Emocional CPR (eCPR) como Estilo de Vida: Salvando Vidas con Dialogo de Maria Ostheimer
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
79 Promoting Resilience and Well-Being through a Trauma-Informed Lens by William Kellibrew, IV
80 My LIFE Matters: Empowered Youth Voices for Change by Greg Dicharry & MY LIFE Youth
81 Animals in Mental Health Recovery: Emotional Support, Therapy and Service Animals by Alicia Smith
82 Nutrients, Herbs and Other Natural Approaches by Eva Edelman
83 Extreme Self-Care: You Play the Leading Role! by Carolyn Marsalis and Amy Pierce
84 Self Advocacy Transformal into Professional Growth through a Certified Peer Specialist by Melinda Hasbrouc and Vivi Smith
85 Trauma and Cost Reduction through Anonymous Support Line Services by T. Vyhovsky, H. Trachtman and L. Larson
86 The Sound of Healing: Music Therapy for Recovery by Nicholas Holstein
87 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Civil Rights, Equality and Pride Mark Davis N/A
88 Voice Your Recovery Wisdom with a Little Rhyme and Rhythm by Lisa Boulanger
89 New Opportunities in Supportive Housing to Promote Recovery and Community Integration by Andrew Sperling
90 Advocacy is Everyone's Business: How Anyone Can Be a Change Agent by J. Bowling, E. Coffey and L. Regan
91 WRAP for a Life Less Cluttered by Terri Byrne and Julian Plumadore
92 Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale in a Rural State by David Sanders and Nancy McKenzie
93 Changing Systems One Conversation at a Time by Vicki McCarty
Saturday Workshops - 9:00-10:30am
94 Fostering Recovery for Males with Special Attention to Trauma by William Kellibrew, IV and Ty Smith
95 Collaging Recovery: Telling Your Story by Mark Davis N/A
96 Project Model: Fighting Stigma in Hmong Communities by Daniel Esparza and Mai Y. Vang
97 The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic by Darby Penny N/A
98 Peer Support and Effective Collaboration with Multiple Organizations by Tamara Ferber and Mary Lou Berger
99 Frontier/Rural Peer Psychiatric Emergency Response Options by Robyn Priest and Donna Mong
100 Peers and Parenting by G. Badillo and D. Washburn Dundas
101 Online Facilitation and Support for the Professional Development of Peer Workers by David Hidajattoellah and Eddo Rats
Saturday Workshops - 11:00am-12:30pm
102 SAMHSA's Wellness Initiative: Pathways to Holistic Wellness with Panel
103 Using Language to Increase Resiliency with Panel N/A
104 Reclaim Your Power!! by Ben Luskin
105 Exploring Human Consciousness to Promote Recovery by Hrannar Jonsson
106 Social Activities to Strengthen Recovery and Recovery-Based Communities by Phil Schulman and Tracy Love
107 Cultivating Curiosity: Collective Empowerment and Freedom of Matthew Cohen
Conference Institutes
A Trauma-Informed Peer Support: Meeting the Real-Life Challenges by Darby Penny and Cathy Cave N/A
B Alternatives to Suicide Peer-to-Peer Support Groups (Alt2su) by J. Sorensen, S. Donovan, and C. White N/A
Friday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each