Alternatives 2014
 October 22-26
 Orlando, FL

Audio CDs - $7.00 each

Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
201 Wednesday Opening N/A
202 Thursday Breakfast N/A
203 Friday Breakfast N/A
204 Friday Awards Luncheon N/A
205 Saturday Breakfast N/A
206 Sunday Closing N/A
Thursday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
1 Trauma: Where Are We Now? by Jacki McKinney
2 Peer Specialists and Their Impact on Systems Change by Joseph Rogers
3 Promoting and Developing Crisis Alternatives by Oryx Cohen
4 Helping Families in Crisis with Panel
5 Recovery-Based Electronic Health Records: How to Exert Control Over Information... by Dan Fisher & Anne Weaver
6 Responding to Extreme States with Loving Support: Honoring the Spirit's Transformative... by Cardin Harmon, MA
7 Engaging in Care: Peers Lead the Way with Panel
8 Mental Health "Through the Eyes of Youth" with Panel
9 How to be a Service Dog's "Best Friend": Tips and Strategies... by Mary Blake
10 Education Pays! Academic Credit and Peer Career Development by Jessica Wolf
11 Healing Trauma Through the Use of the Arts as We Heal the Healer... by S. Wise & T. Wesby
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
12 The Implementation Plan and Credentialing Process that Promote Peer Support by CC de Reyes & C. Harris
13 Are We Recovering from Mental Illness Only to Die Years Earlier Than Others? by G. Hopkins & K. Frame
14 Mental Health Recovery and Emotional Fitness... by Jim Probert
15 Time for Action! Taking Dignity to the Streets and to the Media with Panel
16 Crowdfunding for Mental Health Initiatives: A Guide to Campaign Success by Dese'Rae Stage N/A
17 Do Send a Card: Support Recovery by J. Plumadore & I. Wilson
18 Effective Collaboration Between Peer-Run Programs and the State Mental Health System by B. Neighbor & R. Thissen
19 Peers Parenting United by G. Badillo & D. Dundas N/A
20 Out of the Clutter Closet: Creating Our Story by Hilary Kacser N/A
21 Checking Your Biases at the Door by D. Diamata & R. Priest
22 Culturally Diverse Alternative Healing with Panel
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
23 Training Veteran Peer Specialists: Lessons Learned by L. Goodale & M. Mischka Dean N/A
24 Multi-Ethnic Pool of Consumer Champions: An Employment Pool for Health Care Reform with Panel
25 Intentional Peer Support as a Framework for Building Leadership, Community... by E. Dech & S. Morgan
26 Looking to 12-Step: Creating a Future Informed by Our Grassroots History by C. White & M. Hadge N/A
27 Multiple Pathways to Employment: Discovering and Creating the Job You Love! by Len Statham
28 Lessons Learned for Implementing Peer Specialist Standards: What Now? by Chaz Longwell
29 The New Age of Civil Discourse: Dialogue and Negotiations by Patrick Hendry
30 The Power of Positive Thinking in Your Recovery Journey by F. Watson & L. Spiro
31 Community Inclusion Through Accommodations: Understanding Your Legal Rights by Diane Engster
32 Supported Education: What Colleges and Universities Can Do... by Jeremy Countryman
33 Are We Collaborating Yet? Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Communities by C. Mathai & T. Hill N/A
Friday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
34 Holistic Health and Wellness in Mental Health and Addiction by Jody Morgan N/A
35 Our Time Is Now: Peer Support and the Affordable Care Act with Panel
36 Choosing Life: The Role of Faith Communities in Suicide Prevention... by AJ French
37 Emotional CPR (eCPR): A Trauma-Informed Approached to Healing and Recovery by O. Cohen & A. Weaver
38 Advancing the Reach of the Peer Workforce via Technology by Vincent Caimano
39 Collaborating with Health Insurers to Offer Peer Coaching by A. Luck and P. Ashenden
40 Self-Care Strategies for Providers Working in Trauma-Informed Settings by L. Razzano & N. Pashka
41 "Tell Me Your Story": Why, When and How? by MM Dean & L. Goodale
42 The Cornerstone Project: Preparing Peers to Drive Policy Development... with Panel
43 Community-Defined Prejudice--and Discrimination--Reduction Practices that Promote... by Dan Exparza
44 Emocional CPR (eCPR) como Estilo de Vida: Reconbrando Communidades by Maria Ostheimer N/A
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
45 Making Your Voice Heard: Communicating Your Message Through the Media by Susan Rogers
46 Health Promoter: The Coach Approach to Greater Empowerment and Reduced Peer Burnout by Clarence Jordan
47 "Better Days" - A Mental Health Recovery Workbook... by Craig Lewis
48 Leading Your Organization to Advocacy Success: It's All About Relationships... with Panel
49 Voices are Real: Finding Meaning and Value in Our Experiences by M. Hadge & C. White
50 Talking the Talk: How to Share Your Lived Recovery Experience with Anyone, Anytime by Richard Krzyzanowski
51 WRAP for Teams by Jode Freyholtz-London
52 Positive Approaches for Connection in a Multicultural Setting in Support of Recovery by Phil Schulman
53 Your Board of Directors and You: Greatest Resource or Worst Enemy? by W. Eberle & G. van den Berg
54 Creating Connections Through Increased Communication by G. Calhoun & S. Heller
55 Transgender Wellness: Sharing My Story of Transitioning from Trauma to Wellness by Iden Campbell
Friday Workshops - 3:00-5:30pm
56 Building Organizational Capacity Around Your Collective Peer Voice... by J. Countryman & J. Ferrone
57 The S Word: The New Movement of People Who Have Been Suicidal with Panel
58 The Psychiatric Advance Directive: A Tool for Change by Colleen Sheehan
59 Wellness on Our Own Terms: Realizing the Full Expression of Our Sexuality and Intimacy by Audrey Garfield
60 Walking Between Two Worlds: Promoting Recovery by Cheryl Sharp
61 The Innovative and Emergent Roles of the Certified Peer Specialist, Recovery Coach... with Panel
62 Explore the Connecticut Statewide Roll-Out of the Hearing Voices Network with Panel N/A
63 Peer Support: The Evolution of Recovery in a Traditional Provider Agency with Panel
64 Building Our Narrative Pixel by Pixel: Using Photovoice to Tell Our Stories... by Courtney Hucke
65 Finding Peace and Standing on Solid Ground in a Changing World by Deborah Trueheart N/A
66 Hitting the Streets: Engaging People When and Where It's Needed the Most by Chacku Mathai
Saturday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
67 (RE) Claiming Faith Communities as Healing Spaces by Victoria Welle
68 Leadership and Advocacy Opportunities for Peers: Development of Peer-Run by M. Bachhuber and W. P. Sutherland
69 Women Veterans Stand! Becoming the Miracle They Are Seeking with Panel N/A
70 Peer Wellness Respite as an Alternative to Psychiatric Hospitalization by J. DiPini & A. Wilson
71 Transforming Communities through Peace and Work Circles with Panel N/A
73 Having a Strong Peer Voice at International Tables by J. Paleo & A. Gray
74 State Advocacy to Advance Recovery and Peer Support by Braina Gilmore
75 The Art Studio as Community Inclusion & NIMBY Reduction Strategy... with Panel
76 Managing Peer Employees in a Peer-Run Program by K. Atterbury & L. Brown
77 Certified Peer Specialist and USA Rural Peer Community Satellite Network Mobile Crisis... by B. Achord & C. Driggers
78 So You Want a Great Job by Robyn Priest
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
79 Peer-Hosted Hospital Diversion Through a Trauma Lens, with a Focus on Recovery... by Gloria van den Berg
80 20 Years of Listening, 200 Years of Recovery with Panel
81 Ohio's Integrated Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Model: Coming Together to Create... with Panel
82 The Dynamic Duo: A Partnership of Superhero Proportions - Family and Peer Curriculum with Panel N/A
83 Conflict in Consumer Support: Styles, Dynamics and Skills by Casadi "Khaki" Marino
84 The Next Phase: Self-Directed Care within Peer Support: How to Achieve Community... with Panel
85 Speakers Bureaus: The Development, Evaluation, and Efficacy of Sharing Lived Experience... by Malia Javier Fontecchio N/A
86 How to Help Your Peers Tell Their Story in Writing by Dinah Laprairie
87 Reframing Recovery by N. Currier & D. Diamata N/A
88 LANGUAGE MATTERS: Changing the Way We Talk about Mental Health Challenges by Julian Plumadore
89 Alternatives to Suicide Peer Support Groups: Building Community in Times of Light and... by S. Donovan & C. White N/A
90 Embracing the Challenges of Leadership, Diversity and Collaboration by C. Mathai & T. Naranjo
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
91 Mutual Aid: Reclaiming Emotional Wellness by Matthew Cohen N/A
92 Aging and Mental Wellness: What a Peer Workforce Brings to Elder Care Services by Robert Rousseau
93 Social Inclusion Through Self-Directed Care by Patrick Hendry
94 Ending Restraint and Seclusion in Schools with Panel
95 Wellness-Informed Peer Support: Impacting Social Determinants of Health by Thomas Lane
96 The Way WRAP Works! Evidence-Based Peer Support Practices that Get Results by M. Federici & G. Calhoun
97 Recovery INSIDE: Training and Employing the Incarcerated as Certified Peer Specialists by Terrence Smithers
98 Using Cultural Mindfulness to Inform Ethical and Universally Designed Recovery Services by N. Pashka & L. Razzano
99 Shaping Our Future: Paving a Pathway of Inclusion and Success for Young Adult College Kids... with Panel N/A
100 Finding Hope in the Recovery Process: Wellness Starts with the Inner Self by M. Chavez and M. Shipp
101 Core - The Foundation of Youth Advocacy in Colorado by Ty Smith N/A
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