Alternatives 2015
 October 14-18
 Memphis, TN

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General Sessions
# Title and Speaker mp3
201 Wednesday Opening Dinner
202 Thursday Breakfast
203 Friday Breakfast
204 Friday Awards Luncheon
205 Saturday Breakfast
206 Sunday Closing
Thursday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
1 Resolving Triggers: Immediate Relief from Discomfort and Distress by Grace Karen Sweet
2 Peer Support and Mobile Crisis Outreach Pilot Project by Jim Hajny
3 My, Yours, and Our Wellness by K. Castro, E. Tirado & E. Monell
4 Taking Peer Support Services to Scale: Process, Implementation and Outcomes by Ally Linfoot
5 Mentoring Diverse Leaders While Staying True to the Values of Empowerment by Fisher, Zinman, Aslami-Tamplen
6 Recovery to Practice: Creating Culture Change Through Workforce Development by Laurie Curtis N/A
7 Walking the Talk Through Lived Experience Leadership by Chacku Mathai N/A
8 The Poverty Experience and Health by Donita Diamata N/A
9 Have You Noticed Your Mood Connected to Your Food? by Carolyn Marsalis and Amy Pierce
10 The Impact on Self-Directed Peer Support on Transitional Aged Youth by Erme Maula and Lori Regan
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
11 Introduction to the Toivo Model: An Integratice Approach to the Mind-Body Health by Bryant, Drumm, Young N/A
12 Moving Beyond the Barriers to Successful Employment by Dana Fogleson and David Money
13 History of "Insanity" and the Consumer/Survivor/eX-patient Movement by Michael Hlebechuk
14 Peer Run Respite WORKshop by Iverson-Riggs, Neff, Cohen
15 Preserve Your Nerve(s): Empowering Practices to Lead (and Live) by Lynnae Brown N/A
16 The Certified Peer Specialist and a Behavior Health Care Mobile Crisis Response Network by Ben Achord and Nikkie Ford
17 Reflections and Expressions by Kenneth Arrington and Lindsey Ellis
Thursday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
18 Mental Health on Campus: Trends and Opportunities by Jeremy Countryman
19 #YouthDocumentary #Wellness #Motivate by Elenes, Federici, Matahi
20 Alternatives to Suicide Mutual Support Groups: Creating Community When "Suicide..." by Sean Donovan and Marty Hadge N/A
21 A Choice to Heal: California Documentary on Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) by Aslami-Tamplen, Whitney, Hogden
22 In-Home Peer Crisis Respite in Western Colorado with Panel
23 Emotional CPR: Construyendo Puentes, Crusando Fronteras by Osteheimer, Fisher, Brooks
24 Integrated Care: Why We Need More than Integration by Tom Lane
Friday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
25 How to Educate Funders, Policy Makers and the Public about Recovery by Plotnick, Dillon, Counts
26 The "Two Story" Approach to Trauma Recovery for Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Jim Probert N/A
27 Promoting Crisis Alternatives to Trauma Recovery for Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Oryx Cohen
28 Coming Out Proud: Hope in the 21st Century with Panel
29 Storytelling for Personal Growth and Social Change by Leah Harris N/A
30 Education Pays! 2.0: Peer Career Development Strategies by Wolf, Padron, Maula
31 Are We Collaborating Yet? Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Communities... by Chacku Mathai and Tom Hill N/A
32 Developing and Implementing Policies and Procedures: Building the Foundation for... by Janie March and Sunny Briscoe
33 Selling Hope - Sharing Our Story to Raise Awareness and Funds by Keren Iverson-Riggers
34 Finding Meaning in the Voices: An Alternative to Think about Hearing Marty Hadge and Wyatt Ferrera N/A
Friday Workshops - 1:30-3pm
35 Research for Advocacy and Resources for Recovery by Jyoti Deo
36 Coming Out Without Labels: Ways to Progress in Recovery for People Who Have... by Ferrera, Donovan, Hadge N/A
37 Supervision Approaches for Peer Support and Peer Run Programs: Strength-Based... by Cathey Cave and Michael Johnan N/A
38 WRAP - (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) for Obtaining and Maintaining the Employment... by Rodd Winetsky
39 National Certification and Moving the Peer Workforce into Private Practice by Patrick Hendry N/A
40 Intentional Peer Support (IPS) as a Framework for Building Community by Steven Morgan
Friday Workshops - 3:00-5:30pm
41 Leading an Authentic Culture of Trauma Informed Services by Grace Karen Sweet
42 A Consumer Workplace Survival Kit: Overcoming Discrimination in the Behavioral... by Richard Krzyzanowski
43 My Health, My Choice, My Life Initiative in Tennessee: The Role of Peer Wellness... by Lisa Ragan and Mark Bresee
44 What Makes a Youth Peer-to-Peer Program Successful by Adrienne Croskey N/A
45 How to Provide Peer Support as Supervisors - Creating Our Own Circle by Erme Maula
46 Women of Color: Promoting Resilience, Wellness and Improving Health Outcomes... by Celia Brown
Saturday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
47 Community, Diversity and Solidarity: A Positive Approach for Creating Alliances... by Schulman, Badillo, Smith
48 If I Were Brave...Finding the Leader Within by Traci Jacobs and Christina Podolski
49 Mind Alchemy by Art: How Mental Health Difficulties Can Become Gifts Through... by Naomi Murakami N/A
50 Incorporatin Spiritual Practices Into a Wellness Plan by Victoria Welle N/A
51 So Your Organization Needs a Youth Leadership Board, eh? by Rogers, Velasquez, Bethea
52 Afiya Peer Respite: Changing the World and Other Extreme Sports by Dani Scott and Wyatt Ferrera
53 Designing Regional Peer Summits in Your State to Engage the Peer Voice by Jeremy Countryman and John Ferrone
54 Mini SoulCollage Workshop for Recovery by Carolyn Marsalis and Amy Pierce
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
55 No Worshop Scheduled N/A
56 Self-Employment as a Vehicle for Recovery and Economic Independence by Daniel Meredith and Jordan Freeman
57 Recovery Transformation: An Innovative Approach to Address Behavioral Health Needs by Hoskinson, Hawkins, Stayner N/A
58 Youth and Youth Adult Peer Mentoring: Peer Support's Future by Adrienne Scavera and Jessice Carroll N/A
59 Homeopathy Solutions for Anxiety by Rosanna Roper and Cody Chase
60 Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals Through Education (B.R.I.D.G.E.S.) by Lori Rash
61 (Re) Claiming Faith Communities as Healing Spaces by Victoria Welle
62 Health and Wellness in Peer Support by Jody Morgan
Saturday Workshops - 3:30-5:00pm
63 Leadership in Motion: Successful Strategies in Integrating -- (SAMHSA Grants) by Laverne Miller and Mark Bresee
64 The Art and Science of Restorative Yoga Therapy Practices: Awakening the Body... by Brooke West
65 Bridging the Gap of Resources with Panel N/A
66 Follow Me! Tweet Me! Add Me! by Kayla Jacobs and Traci Jacobs
67 No Workshop Scheduled N/A
68 No Workshop Scheduled N/A
69 The Value of Work: Forensic WRAP for Probation and Parole by Michael Little
Institutes--Each Institute is 2 mp3s for $6.00 each
101 Restorative Circles: An Egalitarian Community Alternative for Mental Health by Schulman, Deo, Smith
102 Incarceration: A New Inpatient Service Delivery System by Ellen Healion and Larry Ware
103 Vocational Peer Support: Mutual Peer Support in Employment Services by Lyn Legere and Debbie Nicolellis
104 Peer Run Organization Board Development by Jody Morgan
105 Reconnect!! Activating Hope and Purpose to Heal Ourselves and Our World by Kuehn, Campbell McCollum
106 The Power of Harm Reduction: Peers Working Together to Improve Health... by Nagel and Lafayette
107 Fostering Financial, Emotiontal, and Social Wellness through Peer-Supported Strategies with Panel