Alternatives 2016
 September 19-23
 San Diego, California

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Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
201 Opening Dinner N/A
202 Tuesday Morning Welcome Session
203 Wednesday Morning Breakfast
204 Awards Luncheon
205 Thursday Morning Breakfast
206 Conference Wrap-Up
Tuesday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
1 Passing the Torch: Leadership Transition, Succession Planning, J. Countryman and J. Ferrone
2 Cultural Recovery through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness by Lala Doost and Rashad Eady
3 Nothing About Us Without Us: Our Effectiveness in 80 Years of Advocacy by Daniel Fisher and Sally Zinman
4 Approaches to Experiencing and Interpreting Our Behavior by Anna Gray and Janet Paleo
5 How Are They Going to Hear Us? by Kris Anderson and Tony Guillen
6 Street Cred to Incredible - Black Youth Transforming Fatalism to Respect by Desire Johnson-Forte
7 Utilizing Technology in Recovery Support Services by Ms. Joelyn Morgan
8 Alliance to Advance Peer Careers - Roundtable Discussion by Wolf, Cronise, Jones, Padron N/A
9 Creating an Imprint: Identifying, Re-framing and Creating Positive Responses to Triggers by Ms. F. Preston and Mr. A. Romer
Tuesday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
10 Creating Change Beyond Our Bubble: Advocacy, Activism, and Influencing the Media... by Sera Davidow and Sean Donovan
11 What Happens to Our Bodies When We Experience a Trigger and Ms. Beckie Child N/A
12 Peer Support Research: Recent Findings and New Initiatives by Ms. Darby Penny N/A
13 Virtual Peer Support: How to Provide Services to Reach a Diverse Audience by Dr. Vincent Caimano
14 United Suicide Survivors International: Putting the Lived Expertise of Suicide Attempt... with Panel
15 Incorporating Spiritual Practices Into a Wellness Plan by Victoria Welle N/A
17 Low Expectations and Disempowering Practices by Lisa Kugler and Clarence Jordan
18 Capturing the Peer Essences of Harm Reduction in Rights-Based Jessica Nagel N/A
Tuesday Workshops - 4:00-4:45pm
19 The Story of Peer Zone by Robyn Priest and Amy Pierce
20 Getting What You Need at Work: Peers in the Workplace with Group
21 Strategies for Working as a Peer, not a Super Hero: Avoiding Burnout by Peter Ashenden N/A
22 Spiritual Explorations: An Introduction to Alternative Frameworks for Extreme States by Caroline White N/A
23 Retirement - It's Not All It's Made Out to Be by Regina D. Koch-Mart
24 The Prejudice We Face: Supporting Young Adult Parents with Mental Health Ms. J. Whitney and Ms. R. Stone
25 Pool of Consumer Champions: Building Hope, Resiliency and Results with Group
26 Yoga Philosophy of Leadership for Peer Services by Dr. Casadi "Khaki" Marino
27 Peer Career Development: Overview of the National Peer Career Development Project by Drs N. Jones, J. Wolf and C. Rosen
Wednesday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
28 Creating a Culture of Recovery through Three Levels of eCPR with Group
30 Getting the Ducks in Line with Group
31 When Conversations Turn to Suicide: Mutual Support Groups
32 Helping Your Traditional Provider Learn to Support Self-Determination by Sean Donovan and Caroline White
33 Paradigm-Shifting: Starting and Sustaining a Peer Respite by Ana Keck and Micah Matthias N/A
34 Iron Circles Not Iron Houses: A Journey from Incarceration to Devery Saluskin and Albert BigPaws Cress N/A
35 HYPE (Helping Youth on the Path to Employment) by Ms's. R. Stone, M. Mullen and K. Holloway
36 Initiating Ripples of Wellness by Rev. Luke Walters N/A
Wednesday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
37 Making WHAM Effective at Your Agency with Group
38 The Strengths and Opportunities in Board Development for Peer-Run Nonprofits by Donna Mong
39 Peer Movement: Looking Back - Looking Forward by Elsa Roman and Anna Gray
40 Spirituality, Recovery and Mental Health by Ms. Hannah Tenpas
41 SAMSHA's Recovery to Practice Project: Information for Peer Laurie Curtis and Darby Penney
42 Building Understanding and Access: Expanding the Hearing Voices Caroline White and Micah Matthias N/A
43 The Special Messages Project: Location-Based Tim Derby
44 Healing Ourselves: A Holistic Stress Management Workshop to Promote Recovery by Deron Drumm and Kelvin Young
45 Yoga-Based Self-Care: Wellness, Poise, Resilience, Purity, Strength and Perfection! by Brooke West
Wednesday Workshops - 4:00-4:45pm
46 Harnessing Hope, Transmuting Despair and Sustaining Walter Wai Tak Chen
47 Women of Color: Promoting Resilience, Wellness and Health Clarencetine (Teena) Brooks
48 Supporting the System in Puerto Rico: How to Sustain a Peer Recovery Juan Velez
49 Military Culture and the Peer Support Specialist by Robert Hickox
50 Finding Shelter Through Peer Support by Sera Davidow and Earl Miller
51 Young Military Peers Raising Awareness on the New Military Culture by Letty Elenes and Ashlee Houver
52 National Survey of Compensation Among Peer Specialist by P. Ashenden and Dr. A. Daniels
Thursday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
55 Engaging Community and Social Justice through a Public Health Approach by Chacku Mathai and Gilbert Romero
56 College Students Unite! How to Builder Peer Self-Advocacy Programs on Campus by Babs Acosta and Dr. Robyn Gantsweg
57 Working with the System - The Impossible Can Be Done! Joining Together to Janice Curtis and Rebecca Hayes
58 One Size Fits All Solutions...Don't Fit ME!! Harm Reduction Alternatives Jessica Nagal N/A
59 Intentional Peer Support (IPS) as a Framework for Building Community by Chris Hansen
60 Stewarding Authentivity and Recovery by Gordon Eagleheart
61 Successful Families Can and Do Look Different: Perspectives from Parents...with Group N/A
62 Reinventing Personal Policy - Protecting the Interests of the Peer-Run Lisa Forestell and Deron Drumm
63 Supported Education and Campus Mental Health: Examining the Jeremy Countryman
Thursday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
64 Victims No More: Trauma-Informed Peer Support in Facts and Figures by Charlotte Webb and Suzanne Brown
65 Connecting and Exploring through Art in Peer Support by Anastasia Keck N/A
66 Roots, Culture and Wellness by Gilbert Pizano and Lyndsey Ellis
67 FAIR HOUSING ACT CAN KEEP PEOPLE HOUSED: Ending the Cycle of Homelessness by Mr. Branden Butler N/A
68 Paws for Assistance: Recovery through Psychiatric Service and Emotional Support Animals by Barbara Acosta
69 The Power of Peer Advocacy: from Tokenism to Partnership by M.J. O'Brien, S. Raczok and M. Manalo
70 Health and Intimacy for Recovery and Wellness by M. Frahm, N. Pashka and L. Razzano
71 Join Rise Be (JRB) - A Peer Run Recovery Initiative for Young People in Connecticut by Michaela Fissel N/A
72 The Expanding Role of Peer Support: Health, Wellness and Community Connectedness by Mr. Thomas Lane N/A
73 These Are Our Stories, These Are Our Songs with Group N/A
74 Managed Care, Peer Support, and Youth/Young Adults by Dona Dmitrovic and Justin Riley
Thursday Workshops - 4:00-4:45pm
76 Peer Generation: Engaging, Educating, and Empowering Youth by L. Elenes, K. Cortes and A. Houver N/A
77 Breaking Free! A Youth's Guide to Empowerment for Recovery by Mr. Nicholas Holstein
78 Peer Support within the Criminal Justice System in Pennsylvania by Liz Woodley and Lynn Keltz
79 Organic Farms to Support Recovery: An Exploratory Case Study in Wisconsin by Aaron Resch
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