Alternatives 2017
 August 18-21
 Boston, Massachusetts

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Individual CDs
General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Opening Dinner with Cathy Cave and Brenda Vezina
102 Saturday Morning Plenary with Erin Levesque
103 Sunday Morning Plenary with Keynote Youth Panel
104 Awards Luncheon
105 Monday Morning Plenary with Lynnae Brown & Shaine Neumeier
Saturday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
1 Climbing the Ivory Tower: Barriers to Higher Education... with Jeremy Countryman
2 Culture Matters: Engaging and Empowering Young People to Talk about Who They Are... with Solomon, Mathai, Ramon, Diaz and Cruz
3 Black Youth Transitioning to Career Development: "Street Cred to Incredible" with Jonson-Forte, Parker, Walton and Terry
4 Promoting Recovery and Hope with Svava Arnardottir
5 Promoting Access and Inclusion in Peer Leadership with Delman, Medero, Carr, Saunders and Donald
Saturday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
6 Peer-Supported Economic Empowerment: Promoting Financial Wellness and Recovery with Jimenez-Solomon, Martinez, Vite and Kelley
7 Building Partnerships to Create Positive Change with Cohen, Gibson, Tannerhill and Harrison
8 Transforming Trauma in Health with Alexander Bingham
9 Ending Restraint and Seclusion (R&S) in Schools - The Role of Peers and Leadership with Trachtman, Weaver and Lictenstein
10 Supervision and Peers: Opportunity for Paradigm Shift with Jonathan P. Edwards and Gita Enders
11 Employment--Reaching Your Dreams with Ruth Gonzales and Regina Kaiser
Saturday Workshops - 3:15-4:00pm
12 Effective Substance Use Outreach and In-Reach Strategies in Culturally Diverse Neighborhoods with Lundin, Lozada, McMahan and Weinstein N/A
13 Barriers and Opportunities for the Peer Workforce: A Role for Research? with Louise Byrne
14 Pacific Jurisdictions and the Development of Peer Support with Robyn Priest
15 Youth Peer Leadership: Gaining the Skills to Be a Confident and Knowledgeable Leader with Pizano, Jemmott and Wiley
Saturday Workshops - 4:15-5:00pm
16 The Living Museum, an Outsider Consumer-Run Art Program with Rookus Loopik
17 Coping Skills for PTSD/Trauma Tools and Resources with Peter Ashenden
18 Compass: One Model for a Peer-Driven Information and Referral Service with Megan Wiechnik and Jill Gichuhi
19 The Social Implications for Peer Provision with Lynn Sanders and Stephen Dawe
20 Culturally Sensitive Trauma-Informed Awareness with Thomas Brown
21 Mentoring, a Critical Component on One's Journey from Youth to Young Adulthood with DeAnna Atkins and Bre Williams
22 Psychiatric Advanced Directives for Consumers and Families by Melody Marler N/A
Sunday Workshops - 10:00-11:30am
23 Peer Support for Those Exploring Their Spirituality with Emma Bragdon
24 Peer Respites: A National and Local Perspective with Andy Beresky and Bevin Croft
25 Assessing Your Consumer Organization's Status: Best Practices in Sustainability with Jeremy Countryman and John Ferrone
26 Fighting for Our Livelihoods: Developing Job Opportunities for Economic Self-Sufficiency... with Jonathan Delman
27 Lessons from Addiction Recovery Movement: Opportunities, Challenges... with Tom Hill and Chacku Mathai
28 Promoting Human Rights in Mental Health with Amy Funk
29 Journal Writing for Personal Transformation and Recovery with Don Karp
30 Healing from Within: Bringing Holistic Practices to Inpatient Psychiatric Units with Lentini, Bryant and Grosso N/A
Sunday Workshops - 1:30-3:00pm
31 The High Cost of Tobacco Use and How to Support People in Their Recovery with Paul Alves and Annegret Klaua
32 ART + RECOVERY = FREEDOM with Alexia Jones and Dietra Hawkins
33 Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) with Edward Anthes and Mary Ellen Copeland
34 Building Community through We-CPR: Applying Emotional CPR in Groups with Daniel Fisher and Maria Ostheimer
35 Back to Basics: The Past and Future of Mental Health Human Rights Effort with Greg Benson and Latosha Taylor
36 Organizing Community Across Intersecting Social Identities with Mathai, Hill and Richardson
37 Paths to Safety with Phelps, Long, Brody, Inaba and Smith
38 Implementing Transition Services for Youth with a Peer Support Approach
Sunday Workshops - 3:15-4:00pm
39 How Emotional Guidance Can Serve Wellness with Gordon Eagleheart
40 Peer-to-Peer:Images of Recovery with Judi Maguire and Eliza Williamson
41 Promoting a Recovery Orientation in Today's Complex Behavioral System with Wieman, Hughes and Croft
42 Harm Reduction: Pathways to Wellness with Rana Gardner and Ken Wilson
43 Creating Sustainable Fiscal Models for Peer Supports with Jennifer Padron
44 Developing a Young Adult Advisory Board to Shape Mental Health Service...with Raphael Mizrahi and Amanda Costa
45 Empowering Cooperation Between People with Lived Experience and Professionals with Malfridur Hrund Einarsdottir
46 Veterans in Leadership: The Hidden Champion with Wanda Petty
Sunday Workshops - 3:15-4:45pm
47 Striving for Sustainability: Using BRSS TACS Technical Assistance to Strengthen... with Cheryl Gagne N/A
48 Healing within Social Action with Smith, Taylor and Minkowitz N/A
49 Reflecting on the Challenges and Successes of Peer-Run Respites in Wisconsin with Brittyn Calyx and Victoria Welle N/A
50 Breaking New Ground in Peer-Run Programs and Peer-Delivered Services with Helen (Skip) Skipper and Jeff Zitofsky
Sunday Workshops - 4:15-5:00pm
51 The Bridge Between Professional and Personal Self-Care with Daphine Klein and Denise Camp
52 Developing Financial Literacy for the Future While Maintaining Our Mental Health with Jemmott, Atkins and Martin
53 Understanding the Spectrum: Gender, Sexuality and Mental Health with Vesper Moore
54 Strategies to Support Young Adult Leadership: Hits, Misses and Lessons Learned with Amanda Costa and Kathleen Biebel
Monday Workshops
55 Mental Health Self-Direction Past, Present and Future with Croft, Jamison and Gilmore
56 Living on Purpose through Intentional Peer Support: Oregon Warmline as Healing... with Kandel, Kuehn and Franke
57 The New Integrated Health Care Landscape: The Care for Peer Support Services with Robert Rousseau
58 The Role of Peer Specialists to Protect Individual Rights with Woodhouse, Sproul, Love and MacAskill
59 Mental Health Acceptance: Mental Health in a Neurodiverse Society with Daniel Au Valencia and Emily Cutler
60 Introduction to Cultural Resposiveness: Understanding the Privilege We Carry with Jasmine Quinones and Vesper Moore
61 Using Mental Education to Boost Recovery in Youth/Young Adults with Einarsdottir and Arnardottir
Additional Workshops
62 A Holistic Stress Management Approach to Healing and Transformation with Hilary Bryant and Deron Drumm N/A
63 Heal, Grow and Live Together: A Formula for Recovery (Bilingual - English and Spanish)
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