Global Missions 2008
 July 23-26
 Arlington, Texas


Audio CDs - $7.00 each

General Sessions
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Blaze, Spirit, Blaze by Gordon Dabbs
102 Shining in the Midst of the Darkness by Tim Spivey
103 Let There Be Light by Don McLaughlin
104 The Father's Glory by Monte Cox
105 Set Hearts on Fire with Missionary Panel
106 Flood the Nations by Dino Roussos
Track 1 - Missionary Care
1 Whom Shall We Send? by Jeff Holland
2 Keeping in Touch by Duane & Debbie Jenks
3 Dealing with Crisis by Charles Lindsey
4 Marriage and Family by Beth & John Reese
5 Coming Home by Dottie Schulz
6 Third Culture Kids by Nancy Hartman
Track 2 - Becoming an Effective Missions Church
7 In the Bible School by Joyce Hardin
8 In the Pulpit by Tim Spivey
9 Through a Missions Committee and a Missions Policy by Bob Waldron
10 Keeping the Congregation Involved by Roger Pritchett
11 Where Are We Now? by Bob Waldron
12 Evaluating the Work by Truitt Adair
Track 3 - Seasoned Missionaries Helping New Missionaries
13 What Problems Can We Expect? by Howard Norton
14 How Do We Join God in His Work? by Chris Flanders
15 How Do We Deal with Finances? by Kent Hartman
16 What If There is a Problem with the Team? by Howard Norton
17 What If There is a Crisis? by Oneal Tankersley
18 What About Coming Home? by Allen & Laurie Diles
Track 4 - Urban Ministry and Missions
19 Planting Churches in the Inner City by Jim Harbin & Todd Flowers
20 Reaching Out to the Poor: Assessing Give-Aways by Jim Harbin & Todd Flowers
21 Spiritual Needs and Healthcare in the City by Keith Lape & Bob Logsdon
22 Making the Most of Short-Term Urban Mission Trips by Dennis Jaeger
23 The Status of Urban Missions in the World by Charlie Middlebrook
24 New Steps in Urban Missions by Charlie Middlebrook & Panel
Track 5 - Compassion Ministries
25 AIDs: A World Epidemic by Bruce Smith
26 Bread for the Hungry by David Goolsby
27 Disasters by David Goolsby
28 Reaching Out Through Medical Missions by Hop Paden
29 International Benevolence: An Elder's Perspective by Sidney Allen
30 God Opens Doors for His Children to Serve a Hurting World by Jim Karl
Track 6 - New Frontiers in Missions
32 Middle East (Islam) by Mark Hooper
33 Next Door by Jim Beck
34 Latinos in the US by Dan Rodriquez N/A
35 Christian Approach to Buddhism by Ed Short
36 Scripture and Culture by Chris Swinford
Track 7 - Missionaries: Short-Term and Interns
37 Focus on Training by Craig Altrock
38 Impact on the Field by Ron Pottberg
39 I Needed to Know... Panel w. Craig Altrock & LST Group
40 The Internship: Promise, Preparation, and Practice by Kelly Davidson
41 Perspective from the Field by David Willis
42 It Would Have Helped If... by Wimon Walker
Track 8 - Long Range Strategies for the National Church
43 Strategies that Hinder Maturity by Phil Slate
44 Moving from a Receiving Church to a Sending Church by Dave Hogan
45 Developing a Brotherhood Within a Region by Phil Slate
46 Models for Training
47 Is a School the Answer? by Phil Slate
48 Developing Leadership at a Local Level by Marcus Reese & Leslie Williams
Track 9 - Becoming a Disciple-Making Church
49 What is Church All About? by Jay Jarboe
50 The Missional Leader by Grady King
51 Spiritual Formation in a Missional Church by Jay Jarboe
52 Evangelism in a Missional Church: Increasing the Dialogue by Craig Altrock
53 Developing Missional Structures for Transformation by Tim Spivey
54 Becoming a Reproducing Missional Church by Gailyn Van Rheenen
Track 10 - Domestic Church Planting
55 Reasons for Church Planting by Gailyn Van Rheenen & Stan Granberg N/A
56 Theology for Church Planting by Gailyn Van Rheenen & Stan Granberg
57 Values and Practices in Church Planting by Gailyn Van Rheenen N/A
58 Equipping for Church Planting by Stan Granberg
59 Stories from Church Planting by Tod Vogt N/A
60 Local Churches and Church Planting by Scott Lambert N/A
Track 11 - Business as Missions
61 Using Vocation as a Pathway to Missions by Carl Mitchell
62 Connecting Vocation and Missions
63 Combining Global Business and Ministry by Angela Hough
Track 12 - Mission Strategies
64 Missions Strategies for Europe by Mladen Jovanovic
65 Church Planting Movements by Mark Hooper
66 Changing Behavior - A Missions Learning Center
Track 13 - Money Issues in Missions
67 The IRS and Missionary Funds by Jerry Burgess
68 Developing Financially Responsible Churches, Part 1 by Chuck Roost
69 Developing Financially Responsible Churches, Part 2 by Chuck Roost
Track 14 - Missions and Culture Issues
70 Crossing Cultures by Chris Flanders
71 Contextualizing the Message and the Messenger by Stan Granberg
72 Post Moderns and Global Missions by Craig Altrock N/A
Track 15 - Biblical Theology of Missions
73 1 Corinthians 3:5-17: No Other Foundation by Monte Cox
74 Psalm 67: The Missionary Psalm by Philip Slate
75 Isaiah 43: God's Global Call to His Children by Earl Lavender
76 Luke 9:23: God's Call to Crucifixion by Mark Hooper
77 John 17: Missional Implications of the Honor of God by Chris Flanders
78 Hebrews 13: A Mission that Pleases God by Evertt W. Huffard
Additional Binders (hold 6 CDs) for $3.00 each