Global Missions 2011
 October 19-22
 Arlington, Texas


DVDs - $15.00 each
Audio CDs - $7.00 each

General Sessions
# Title and Speaker DVD CD
101 Into the Heart of God by Jim McGuiggan
102 Their Cry Breaks His Heart by Fred Asare
103 The God Who Breaks Our Heart by Howard Norton
104 The Spirit in the Heart of God by Evertt Huffard
105 The Crucified Heart by Daniel Rodriguez
106 The Heart of the Church by Randy Harris
107 Sent from the Heart of God by Shon Smith
Track 1 - The Future of Missions in a 21st Century World
1 Where is Missions When the Whole Church Goes Missional? by Gailyn Van Rheenen
2 21st Century Trends in Missions by Chris Flanders
3 In Love with Jesus, but not the Church-Creating Kent Smith
4 Missional Communities--An Old Approach to an Old Problem by ACU Graduate Panel
Track 2 - The Mission of God and Its Biblical Motifs
5 Christ, The Power of God by Phil Slate
6 Missio Dei and The God of Mission by Shawn Daggett
7 To Him Be Glory in the Church by Gailyn Van Rheenen
8 Finding Our Place in the Mission of God by Allen Diles
Track 3 - The Role of Spiritual Formation in Missions
9 Spiritual Formation in the Church #1 by Bob Chisholm
10 Spiritual Direction through Coaching #1 by Tod Vogt
11 Teaching Spiritual Formation to New Believers through Luke/Acts by Earl Lavender
12 Spiritual Formation in the Church #2 by Bob Chisholm
13 Spiritual Direction through Coaching #2 by Tod Vogt
14 Personal Spiritual Formation for the Missionary/Church Leader by Earl Lavender
Track 4 - Our Mission of Compassion and Justice
15 Transformational Development: Transforming a Community Holistically by Randy Steger
16 Showing the Love of God in the Midst of Crisis by Larry Musick
17 Teaching a Man to Fish: The Role of Micro-Finance by Bobby Moore
18 Hope for the Hopeless - Freeing those Trapped in Prostitution by Jill Raine
19 For the Least of These: Ministry to Children for Eternity by Fred Asare
20 A God Who Loves to Feed Us by M. Moore & B. Garner
Track 5 - Partnering Together to Care for Missionary Families
21 Where Do I Send My Child to School? with Panel
22 Balancing Your Family and Your Mission with Panel
23 Setting up a Women's Ministry in the Field by N. Shewmaker & S. Marcum N/A
24 Lessons We Learned About Team Mission by Howard Norton N/A
25 The Therapist Role in Missionary Care with Panel
26 The Seasoned Missionary's Role in Missionary Care with InterMission Team
27 The Congregation's Role in Missionary Care by Beth Reese
Track 6 - Short-Term Missions for Long Term Impact
28 Opportunities for Everyone in Short-Term Missions with Panel
29 Mobilizing Our Churches with Short-Term Missions with Panel
30 Standards for Short-Term Missions with Panel
31 Maximizing the Results of Short-Term Missions with Panel
Track 7 - Developing Healthy Global Partnerships
32 The Importance of Global Partnerships: Asia by Mark Hooper
33 Equipping for Regional Kingdom Building: South Pacific by S. Raine & L. Nored
34 Learn from Years of Training Internationally by T. Adair & H. Norton
35 The Diversity of Global Partnerships: Europe by R. Baggett & M. Jovanovic
36 Higher Education Training for Global Impact: Africa with Panel
Track 8 - One of the Largest Mission Fields in the World - USA
37 The Task of Reaching the American Mission Field by Stan Granberg
38 The City and The Church: Challenges of Planting in Urban Centers by Caleb Borchers
39 Nineveh Revisited: Blessing Beyond Boundaries by Tod Vogt
40 MIA: Mission in America by Jim Harbin
41 I Wonder What God Thinks About That? by TBA
42 Re-Envisioning Life in the Kingdom: Exploring the Organic/Simple Church by Kent Smith
Track 9 - Equipping Your Church for Missions
43 Renewing Your Church's Mission Vision by Jay Jarboe
44 Rediscovering the God of Mission in Your Church by M. Elrod & P. Jackson
45 Preparing Your Leadership for Missions by Monte Cox
46 Healthy Evaluation for Your Missions Ministry by Paul Dowell
Track 10 - Special Training in Missions
47 World Bible View #1 by J. Reese & K. Mullins
48 Let's Start Talking #1 by Ben Woodward
49 New Life Behavior International #1 by Ray Hooper
50 Pioneer Bible Translation #1 by Greg Pruett
51 China Now #1 with China Now N/A
52 Eastern European Missions by L. Camp & R. Baggett
53 World Radio, WFR Relief Ministries by B. Adkins & A. Robertson
54 World Bible School #2 by J. Reese & Robin Cannon
55 Let's Start Talking #2 by Ben Woodward
56 New Life Behavior International #2 by H.M. Motsinger
57 Pioneer Bible Translation #2 by Jeff Holland
58 World Christian Broadcasting with Panel
59 China Now with China Now N/A
Track 11 - Urban Missions
60 Urban Missions Among the Nations in a Global City by Jared Looney
61 Urban Missions in the Global South by T. Ramatsui & M. Monyamane
62 Urban Ministry in At-Risk Communities in the Global South by Dusty & Cecily Breeding
63 Urban Ministry in At-Risk Communities in North America by Paul Woodward
Track 12 - Hispanic Ministry in the United States
64 The Future of Hispanic Ministry: Multi-Generational and Multi-Lingual by Dan Rodriguez
65 Facing the Latino Reality in the U.S.: Challenge and Opportunity by Sixto Rivera
66 The Mission Field Has Come to Us by Manuel Calderon
67 Leadership Development in Latino Churches by Jim Holway
68 U.S. Hispanic Church Planting: The Power of a Mission Team Approach with Panel
Track 13 - Money Issues in Missions
69 Missionary Compensation by Jerry Burgess
70 The IRS and Missionary Funds by Jerry Burgess
Track 14 - The Use of Technology in Missions
71 Equipping Through Video-Conferencing by Steve Austin
72 Social Networking for Kingdom Advancement by Tim Archer
Developing Community Among Missionaries
73 Singles Involved in Missions by Kent & Nancy Hartman N/A
74 Returned Missionaries by Stan & Gena Granberg N/A
75 Forming Teams / Interested Persons Looking for Teams by Sonny & Eunice Guild N/A
76 Parents of Missionaries by Edward & Sharon Short N/A
77 Missionaries Planning to Go by Shawn & Donna Daggett N/A
78 Missionaries Currently in the Field by Clay & Cherry Hart N/A
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