Global Missions 2014
 October 16-18
 Memphis, Tennessee


DVDs - $15.00 each
Audio CDs - $7.00 each

General Sessions
# Title and Speaker DVD CD
101 God's Mission in Africa by Machona Monyamane
102 Mobilize for "Major American Initiatives" by John Reese
103 The Mission of God and Feet by Gary Jackson
104 The Time is Now by David Duncan
105 America is Calling - A Conversation with Leaders with Panel
106 Looking for Those Who Are Looking for Him by Monte Cox
Short Term Missions Track
1 The Changing Look of Short-Term Missions with Panel
2 Youth Missions: Why and How Should Teens Do Short-Term Missions? by Buster Clemens
3 Opportunities for Short-Term Missions in Hard Places by T. Langley & C. Altrock
4 New Opportunities for Adults in Short-Term Missions by C. Altrock & L. Altrock
Church Equipping: Learning from Global Partnerships Track
5 Lessons We Are Learning: Developing Best Practices in Global Partnership by P. Jackson & J. Jarboe
6 Making Sure Helping Does Not Hurt: Bringing Sustainable and Eternal Change... by C. Gingles & G. Williams
7 It Is a New Day: The New Face of Partnership in Africa by S. Shewmaker & M. Monyamane
8 Our Role of Training for Global Missions: Multiple Ways to Equip Leaders.... by T. Adair & C. Swinford
Missionary Care / Family Track
9 Care for Missionary Children by K. & N. Hartman & S. Short
10 Care (Self Care) for the Spiritual and Emotional Health of the Missionary by C. & C. Cherry & D. Schulz
11 Care for the Missionary in the Field by M. Brazle & D. Schulz
12 Care for the Returning Missionary by InterMission Team
Latino Ministry in the United States Track
13 Hispanic Ministry in the USA Today: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities by Daniel A. Rodriguez
14 Transnational Hispanic Ministry: From US Barrios to Latin America and Back by Sixto Rivera
15 Reaching a New Generation of Latino Immigrants by Scott Emery
16 Se habla ENGLISH: Reaching US-born Latinos by Hector Hinojosa
Church Equipping: Equipping Your Church for Missions Track
17 In It for the Long Haul: Engaging Your Church for a Long-Term Commitment by Ron Holland
18 Commissioning Them for His Work: Selecting and Sending Your Missionaries by Jay Jarboe
19 I Want to See You Make Your Faith Stronger: Making the Most of Mission... by Paul Dowell
20 Healthy Partnership in the Gospel: How to Oversee a Mission Work... by Evertt Huffard N/A
Latin American Missions Track
21 Unique Strategies for Unique Challenges by Bill Richardson
22 Leadership Development in the Latin Culture by Jim Holway
23 Partnering with Latin American Teams to Establish Strong Churches by Calvin Henry
24 Round Table Discussion: A Conversation about the US Dollar & Latin American Missions
Team Missions Track
25 Team Work in Dream Work: Building a Cohesive Team by Chris Fry
26 Know Thyself: Helping Team Members Grow in Personal Awareness and Spirituality by Gary Green
27 Forming an Identity and Purpose as a Mission Team by Phil Jackson
28 Divergent Missions by Roland Bowen
High School Track
29 Good News...Jesus Can Care! by Pat Sheaffer
30 Good News...Jesus Can Help! by Kris Smith
31 Good News...Jesus Can Save! by Cory Burns
32 Good News...Jesus Can Use You! by Stan Mitchell
Applying the Benefits of Organizational Health and Innovation in Missions Track
33 Health Leadership for Sending Churches and Developing Healthy Leadership... by R. Baggett & M. Armour
34 Organization Health - The Key Competitive Advantage-Applied to Mission.... by R. Baggett & M. Armour
35 How to Innovate in Missions and Not Leave Truth Behind by R. Baggett & M. Armour
36 How to Think About What You Haven't Thought About Yet by R. Baggett & M. Armour
US Missions Track
37 Urban Ministry by Jim Harbin
38 Missional Communities as Outposts of Christian Faith by Tod Vogt
39 Evangelizing in Churches: New and Established by Stan Granberg
40 Campus Ministry and Reaching New Generations by Casey Coston
University Track
41 In Papua New Guinea by Marcus Reese
42 In Poland by Marek Dawidow
43 In Zambia, South Africa, and Benin by Brian Davis
44 In Peru by Greg McKinzie
Google with the Gospel Track
45 You. Sharing Jesus...Instantly by WBS Internet with Panel
46 You. Sharing Jesus...with Many by WBS Programs with Panel
47 You. Sharing Jesus...Strategically by WBS Connect with Panel
48 You. Sharing Jesus...Fruitfully by WBS Follow Up with Panel
Friday Breakout Sessions
B1 Tips for Raising Funds for Mission Work with Panel
B2 Is the Married Woman Considered "a Missionary" or the "Wife of a Missionary?" with Panel
B3 How Do We Reach the International Among Us? by P. & E. Palmer
B4 What Makes Prison Work so Effective? Can Anybody Get Involved? with Panel
B5 What are Techniques that Work in International Church Planting / Church Maturation with Panel
B6 Global Leaders Sharing Perspectives on American Missions with Panel
B7 What is "Vulnerable Missions"? Does It Work? by Greg McKinzie
B8 What are Techniques that Work in Development Ministries? with Panel
B9 What Do You Need to Know about "Missionary" Travel? Is it all the same? by Rosann Alexander
B10 How Can We Use Multi-Media to Promote Missions? by P. Cone & R. Nealeigh
B11 How Can American Funds be Used Without Creating Dependency? by Monte Cox
Saturday Breakout Sessions
B12 Adult Missionary Kids: "I Grew Up Overseas as a Missionary Kid. Now...." by Dottie Schulz
B13 How Can We Integrate Development & Evangelism and Have a Successful... with Panel
B14 How To Formulate Your "Vision" for Missions with Panel
B15 How Can We Overcome Challenges for Reaching the US with the Gospel? by M. Crowson & B. Colwell
B16 How Can We Use Business as Mission? with Panel
B17 What are Good Options for Teaching Europe with the Gospel? with Panel
B18 What Do You Do About Health Care when there is Little Available on the Field? with Panel
B19 What Are Good Resources or Options for Schooling for MKs by S. Davis & J. Hardin
B20 Culture Shock - Can You Prepare? Can You Avoid It? What Can Be Done.... with Panel
B21 What are Elders and Missions Committees Looking for in Selecting a Missionary? with Panel
B22 What are Good Approaches for Missions with Muslims with Panel
Interest Group Sessions
IG1 Disaster Relief - Reaching the Lost Through... "That Little Book" by Ken Lowry
IG2 World Christian Broadcasting - The World Is Listening by A. Baker & G. Crowe
IG3 Healing Hands International - Meeting Physical Needs...Creating Opportunities... by B. Nowers & C. Burkybile
IG4 Baxter Institute - How a Preacher's College Has Aided the Growth of... by S. Teel & G. Mayo
IG5 Sunset International Bible Institute / AIM - Training Preachers... by T. Adair & C. Swinford
IG6 Nations University - Online, In-Depth Biblical Studies by Herman Alexander N/A
IG7 Pioneer Bible Translators - Bible Translation and Scripture Impact by A. Parker & A. Madera
IG8 The Sermon on the Mount by Paul Dowell
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each