Iron Sharpens Iron 2008
 March 8
 Rockford, Illinois


Complete Conference Set on CD - $100.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Morning General Session by Rod Handley
102 Afternoon General Session by Dr. Dan Erickson
1 Maximizing Your God-Given Potential and Destiny by Dr. Dan Erickson
2 Accountability - The Missing Link by Rod Handley
3 Living Above Snakes by Rev. Jonathan Byrd
4 Strategies for Intergenerational Ministry by Dr. Chuck Stecker
5 The Beginning of Integrity by Rick Boxx
6 The Multiplication Factor: How Godly Men Multiply Godly Men by Sam Mehaffie
7 High Octane Bible Study Made Easy by Joseph LaJoy
8 Leadership to Men: What Masculine Leadership Really Looks Like by Dr E. Glenn Wagner
9 Man Up! Redefining Manhood to End Violence Against Women and Children by Josh Jasper
10 Maximizing Your Marriage for Your Potential by Dr. Dan Erickson
11 Developing a Ministry to the Widowed and Single Parents by Brian Tinker
12 Raising Godly Young Adults - Not Just Good Teenagers by Dr. Chuck Stecker
13 Sex and Marriage by Matt Loehr
14 Men of Glory by Scott Schaefer
15 Fishing and Hunting - For Men! by Rev. Maury De Young
16 Getting There! by Dr. E. Glenn Wagner
17 God Believes in You and He Can't Be Wrong by Sam Mehaffie
18 Seize Your Opportuniy Season by Ken Larson
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each