Iron Sharpens Iron 2009
 February 21
 Jacksonville, Florida


Complete Conference Set on CD - $100.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker CD
101 An Evening with Joe White
102 General Session with Joe White
103 General Session with Reggie Dabbs
1 Bringing God's Hope to Men in Times of Crisis by Mike Bresford
2 Equipping Men for Better Bible Study by Neal Pridgen
3 Get Off Your Donkey, It's Later Than You Think! by Hal Taylor
4 Lifestyle Evangelism for the Sharing Impaired by Art Remington
5 Living Out of the Rut by Rex Tignor
6 Man: The Bride of Christ by Al Daniels
7 No Man Left Behind Model by David Dusek
8 Pastor Sharpening Pastors by Rev. Paul Pickern
9 Reach One / Lead One by Eddie Blackmon
10 Godly Business Principles by Nick Simonic
11 Helping Your Men Unlock Their God-Given Potential by Rex Tignor
12 Make Today Count by Bill Lowery
13 Operation Nehemiah 2:17 - Rebuilding the Disciplemaking by Charlie Speight
14 Seven Things that Every Man MUST Know About Satan by Dikassa Dixon
15 The Four Faces of God by Mark McGaughey
16 U-Can! by John Isom
17 Unlimited Partnership: An Abundant Marriage by Mike & Wendy Behar
18 Stop, Drop and Roll by Reggie Dabbs N/A
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each