Iron Sharpens Iron 2009
 March 14
 Rockford, Illinois


Complete Conference Set on CD - $100.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker CD
101 One More Lap by Dr. Chuck Stecker
102 Winning at Home by Dan Seaborn
1 It's the Little Things-The Battle for Priorities by Dan Seaborn
2 Maximizing Your God-Given Potential and Destiny by Dr. Dan Erickson
3 High Definition Bible Study by Joseph LaJoy
4 Making Marriage Magnificent by Pastor Chris Byrd
5 Winning Your Men Through Men's Fraternity by Rick Caldwell
6 The Multiplication Factor: How Godly Men Multiply Godly Men by Sam Mehaffie
7 The Spirit of Adventure by Rev. Jonathan Byrd
8 Developing a Ministry to the Widowed and Single Parent by Bill Nicholson
9 Shhh! It's a Secret...Sin! by Rev. Rick Dimmitt
10 Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise by Phillip Telfer
11 The Power of Rites of Passage: Raising Godly Young Adults by Dr. Chuck Stecker
12 Maximizing Your Marriage for Your Potential by Dr. Dan Erickson
13 Finding Release from the Darkness of Anger by Rick Martenson
14 Multiply Your Ministry by Erick Carlson
15 Fatherless America - A Challenge for Today's Men by Sam Mehaffie
16 Lizards, Lamborghinis, and Legacies by Dan Paterson
17 Leaving a Legacy for Your Children by Matt Loehr
18 Play Ball...On Sunday? by Tim Schneckloth N/A
19 The Warrior Within by Pastor Pat Vandenburgh
20 The Power Struggle by Pastor Scott Schaefer N/A
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each