Iron Sharpens Iron 2010
 May 1
 Shiloh, Illinois


Complete Conference Set on CD - $100.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Poser, Pretender or Man of God - Which Track Are You On? by Chuck Stecker
102 Where Are You? The World, The Church, The Kingdom? by Bishop Larry Jackson
1 The Priesthood of the Believer by Bishop Larry Jackson
2 Playing in the Marriage Super Bowl by Ace McKay
3 Why Don't You Just Get a Job? by Scott Payne
4 Teach Your Kids Spiritual Life Lessons with Object Lessons Even Teens Will Love by Tim Shoemaker
5 Get Your Man Card Here by Chris Plekenpol
6 The Tools You Need for Monday (Logos Bible Software) by Bobby Moss
7 How Christians Grow by Pastor Dr. Jon Morrissette
8 Living Above the Line by Stan Summers
9 The Power of Rights of Passage by Chuck Stecker
10 Love Like a Champion by Ace McKay
11 Building Rugged Faith by Jack Ward
12 Can WE Do That? by W.G. Robinson-McNeese
13 Leading Servant by Chris Plekenpol
14 Evangelistic Small Groups: Starting and Multiplying Them by Lyle Seltmann
15 It's Not a Problem: It's a Process by Terrell L. Whitener
16 Destroying Your OLD Men's Ministry and Building a Sustainable Ministry to Men by Tom Cheshire
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each