Iron Sharpens Iron 2011
 March 19
 Rockford, Illinois


Complete Conference Set on CD - $109.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Individual CDs
# Title and Speaker CD
101 Opening Session: Uprising by Kenny Luck
102 Closing Session: Mission Integrity: A Strategy for Purity by Bill Perkins
1 Teach Your Children Biblical Principles on Money by Shane Barkley
2 Covenant Worship by Jonathan Byrd
3 The Christian Home and Family Worship by Steve Demme
4 Man Up!! The Tools You'll Need for After the Conference by John Murphy
5 When Good Men Get Angry by Bill Perkins
6 Mobilize Your Men to Meet the Needs Spectrum in Your Church by Herb Reese
7 Teaching Your Kids Spiritual Lessons by Tim Shoemaker
8 Somebody's Daughter: A Time for Courage by Steve Siler
9 Analyzing Entertainment from a Biblical Worldview by Phillip Telfer
10 The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God by Phillip DelRe
11 Prayer Exploits by Rick Lindsay
12 The Narrow Road by Kenny Luck
13 FEAR: The Destroyer of Faith by Rick Martenson
14 Discover Your Maximum Life Impact: The MAXLIFE Game Plan by Joshua Meyer
15 26 Things Kids Need from a Dad by Jay Payleitner
16 Don't Stop Believin' by Scott Schaefer
17 Uncovering the Hidden Messages and Images in Music and Movies by Chaplin Philip Willis
18 Ministry to Men in the 21st Century by Roy Abbott
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each