Mid Atlantic Lectureship
 "Who is this Jesus?"
 July 15th-17th
 Cambridge, Maryland


Complete Conference Set on CD - $59.00
Audio CDs - $7.00

Complete Conference Set on CD
Friday, July 15th
# Title and Speaker CD
1 The Faithful Witness by Larry Frazier
The Good Shepherd by John Wilkie
2 The Great Physician by Clinton Miles
A Man Approved of God by Gary Smith
3 A Dead Man Named Jesus by Elmer Sembly III
4 Of Whom Speaketh the Prophet This? by Douglas Goodman
No Other Name Under Heaven by Kevin Bethea
5 He Ate with the Publicans and Sinners by Floyd Williamson
He Makes Me Strong by Ed Maxwell
Saturday, July 16th
6 The Seeking Savior by Domingo Reyes
The Lamb of God by Gene Cooper
7 The Word Made Flesh by Wayne Mathis
What Sayest Thou of Him? by Norman Nuton
8 If You Don't Know Me by Now by Wattie Sanders
Why Do You Call Jesus Lord? by Deon Booker
9 The One Perfected Through Suffering by Ian Drucker
He Took One for the Team by Willie Rupert
10 A Friend in the Court by Melvin Otey
How Will They Know that We are His? by Franklin Watson
Sunday, July 17th
11 What Manner of Man is This? by Clarence Davis
Who is This Jesus? by Geoffrey Veale
12 The Author and Finisher of Our Faith by G.W. Cliver
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each