Mid Atlantic Lectureship
 How to Be an Outstanding Church in an Outrageous World
 June 26-29, 2014
 King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Complete Conference Set on CD - $109.00
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Complete Conference Set on CD
Thursday, June 26th
# Title and Speaker CD
1 Health Fair - Practical Genomics Genetic Testing by Dr. David Targan, D.O., FACP
2 How to Be an Outstanding Church in an Outrageous World by Minister Leureuna Gilbert
Friday, June 27th
101 How to Be One Church, Won for Christ by Minister Edward Maxwell
102 How to Be Single and Satisfied: Anoint Me Too, Lord by Darrin W. Anderson, Sr., Ph.D
103 How to Have an Outstanding Marriage in an Outrageous World by Minister Willie Hubbard
104 Youth Program - A Generation...Holy, Royal and Peculiar with Multiple Speakers
3 In the Company of Preachers - How to Full-Proof Your Ministry by Minister Anthony Goodman
4 How to Not Block Your Spiritual Blessing in Christ by Sam Garner
How to Be Contagious in Christ - Not Outrageous by Chris Bradley
5 How to Restore the 'Church in the Likeness of Christ' by Kevin Bethea
When Being Good is Not Enough by Dr. Floyd M. Williamson
6 How to Build Together a Habitation of God/Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone by Willie Rupert
When Being Good is Not Good Enough by Leibert Walters
7 How God Hath Chosen Us, Predestined Us Unto the Adoption of Children by Dr. Eugene Lawton
How to Known Him...Not Them by Domingo Reyas
Saturday, June 28th
105 How to Develop 'an Outstanding Church' in the Absence of Elders by Minister Dr. Jerry Houston N/A
106 How to Evangelize: It's Harvest Time: The Laborers are Few...Where are You? by Minister Clinton Miles
107 How to Seek Help: I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! by Minister Deon Booker
108 How Shall the Youth Secure Their Hearts by Minister Welsey Marrow
109 How to Be the Family that Prays Together, Stays Together, and Avoids Abuse by Minister Dr. Clarence Davis
110 How to Maintain Membership Retention of Resource Members by Minister Kevin Bethea
111 How to Understand Why Men Hate Coming to Church by Minister Willie Hubbard
112 Ladies Session - The Queen in You by Mikki Taylor
113 Our Distinctive Plea by Minister Norman Nuton, Jr.
8 How to Raise G-Rated Children in an X-Rated World by Minister Dr. Harold Shanks
How Does One Plus One Equal One? by Minister Larry Frazier
9 How to Walk Worthy of Our Vocation, Not Vacation by Melvin Jones
How to Understand the Family Jargon: Submit, Obey and Nourish by Elmer Sembly, III
10 How to Find Your Way Back Home...The Local Church by Marcus Watkins
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each