Western Conservative Summit 2015
 June 26-28
 Denver, Colorado


DVDs - $15.00 each
Complete DVD Set - $119.00 each

Audio CDs - $7.00 each
Complete Audio CD Set - $229.00 each
Workshop CD Set - $169.00 each
General Session CD Set - $79.00 each
Binder (Holds 8 CDs) - $3.00 each

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# Title DVDs
201 Hugh Hewitt and Rafael Cruz
202 Jenny Beth Martin and Rick Santorum
203 Tony Perkins, Panel #1 and Frank Gaffney
204 Debate #1 with Kevin Jackson and Richard Fowler, Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina
205 Rick Perry, Arthur Brooks and Panel #2
206 Libertad Viva Concert
207 Dr. Ben Carson, Louie Gohmert and Gov. Scott Walker
208 Debate #2 with Katie Pavlich and Mark Levine, Bill Armstrong and John Fund
209 Dick Morris and John Andrews
General Session CDs
# Title CDs
101 Hugh Hewitt and Rick Santorum
102 Rafael Cruz and Michael Martin Murphy
103 Tony Perkins, Panel #1
104 Debate #1 with Kevin Jackson and Richard Fowler, Mike Huckabee
105 Carly Fiorina, Q&A with Byron York
106 Luncheon with Guy Benson
107 Rick Perry and Arthur Brooks
108 Panel #2 with Phillip Klein and John Goodman
109 Libertad Viva Concert with Rachel Campos Duffy
110 Libertad Viva Concert with Josue' Del Cid
111 Awards Banquet with Frank Gaffney
112 Dr. Ben Carson, Rich Bratten
113 Louie Gohmert, Gov. Scott Walker
114 Debate #2 with Katie Pavlich and Mark Levine, John Fund and Bill Armstrong
115 Dick Morris and John Andrews
Workshop CDs
Friday Afternoon Workshops 1:30pm
# Title CDs
1 Steering Congress to the Right in 2016 with Ken Cuccinelli
2 How to Hold Your Legislators Accountable with Rich Bratten N/A
3 Confronting the Ugly Underside of Washington DC with Bill Pascoe
4 Build and Sustain a Grassroots Machine with Matt Batzel
5 Reset the Moral Compass to Win on Social Issues with CFA & CCL N/A
6 Protecting the Poor from Global Warming Madness with Calvin Beisner
7 Want to Engage to Win? with Melanie Sturm
8 Sharing Our Story Through Hollywood with Jason Jones N/A
9 Energize Your Church for Civic Engagement with Dran Reese
10 Discover the Power of Telephone Town Hall Meetings with Curt Cerveny & Patrick Davis
11 Trump the Race Card with Frederick Douglass Republicans and KCarl Smith
Friday Afternoon Workshops 3:30pm
12 Can People of Faith Regain a Place and Voice in the Public Square? with Dee Alisop
13 Run for Office with Victory Guaranteed (Almost) with Matt Batzel
14 How to Deal with the Media with Diana Banister
15 Effectively Using Social Media with Matt Frate
16 Moving the Middle with Digital Media with Thought. Allen Fuller
17 Young Voters Meet the Candidate with Carly Fiorina
18 We're the Millenials, Give Us a Look with Charlie Kirk
19 Learn from C.S. Lewis about Liberty vs. Statism with David Theroux
20 Social Media Secrets for Winning Online with Aubrey Blankenship N/A
21 Republican National Committee Preview of 2016 with Nick Trainer, Elliott Echols and Kelsey Jarrett
Saturday Afternoon Workshops 3:30pm
22 Why I Ran for Speaker and What's Up in Congress? Rep. Ted Yoho
23 War of the Worldviews with Don Hood
24 Real School Choice vs. Fake Reforms with Robert Enlow and Bill Moloney
25 Voter Fraud: How Obama is Subverting Our Elections with John Fund
26 Mobilize to Stop Iran and the Jihadist with Allen Roth
27 How to Defend Your Gun Rights with Jacob Leis N/A
28 Want to Engage to Win? with Melanie Sturm
29 Conservative Compassion for the Homeless with Peter Droege
30 Preparing for Your Conservative Career with Patricia Simpson N/A
31 Best Practices for Effective Organizing with Tea Party Patriots and State Coordinators
32 Lessons from the Left with Anita MonCrief
33 How to Win the War for the Free
CD Complete Audio CD Set for $229.00
WS-CD Workshop Audio CD Set for $169.00
GS-CD General Session Audio CD Set for $79.00
DVD Complete DVD Set for $119.00
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each