Western Conservative Summit 2016
 July 1-3
 Denver, Colorado


DVDs - $15.00 each
Complete DVD Set - $119.00 each

Audio CDs - $7.00 each

General Session CD Set - $59.00 each
Binder (Holds 8 CDs) - $3.00 each

# Title DVDs
201 Opening Event: Donald Trump & Sarah Palin
202 Jenny Beth Martin, Kristina Arriaga, Eric Metaxas, Hugh Hewitt
203 Ryan T. Anderson, Frank Gaffney, Brittany Corona, Charlie Kirk
204 Lila Rose, Kimberly Corban, David Keene, Tom Cotton
205 Hugh Hewitt & Panel - Stephen Moore & Andy Puzder
206 Stephen H. Long Award Dinner with Dennis Prager
207 Carly Fiorina, Darryl Glenn, Ben Shapiro
208 Erick Erikson, Star Parker, John MacArther, Warren Cole Smith, Jeff Myers
209 Paul Eldridge
301 Young Conservative Talk Competition Winner: Ellen Densmore
General Session CDs
# Title CDs
101 Donald Trump
102 Sarah Palin
103 Kristina Arriaga & Jenny Beth Martin
104 Eric Metaxas & Hugh Hewitt
105 Ryan Anderson, Frank Gaffney & Brittany Corona
106 Charlie Kirk, Lila Rose & Kimberly Corban
107 David Keene & Tom Cotton
108 Panel: Hugh Hewitt, Stephen Moore & Andy Puzder
109 Stephen H. Long Awards Dinner: Dennis Prager
110 Carly Fiorina, Darryl Glenn & Ben Shapiro
111 Erick Erikson, Star Parker & Paul Eldridge
112 John MacArther, Warren Cole Smith & Jeff Myers
113 National Host Committee Dinner: Ben Sasse
Workshop CDs
# Title CDs
1 Get Out the Vote I: Voter Contact
2 Data for Leaders N/A
3 How to Relate the Constitution to the Next Generation
4 Can Colorado Survive Socialized Medicine?
5 Education Innovation: Reforms for Student-Centered Learning
6 The Politics of Immigration Reform
7 Young Conservative Leadership Conference
8 The Philosophical Basis for Conservatism
9 Colorado's Colorblind Conservatives
10 Get Out the Vote II: Keys to Election Day
11 Principles of Liberty
12 American Majority: Campaigning Like It's 2016, not 1999
13 Women Decide Everything: Top National Political Strategists Discuss the Power of the Women's Vote
14 Worldviews and Politics: How Worldview Informs Your Politics
15 Frontiers of Freedom: Emerging Conservative Issues
16 The US Constitution and the Christian Worldview
17 Why Christians Should be Conservatives and Conservatives Should be Christians
18 Social Media Secrets for Winning Online
19 Convention of States: A Solution as Big as the Problem?
20 Having It All: An Agenda for Modern Women
21 Energize Your Church for Civic Engagement
22 Communicating Liberty (Messaging)
23 Telling the Truth to the Next Generation N/A
24 Moving the Middle
GS-CD General Session Audio CD Set for $59.00
DVD Complete DVD Set for $119.00
Additional Binders (hold 8 CDs) for $3.00 each